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    British Columbia Drift Steelhead Nymph Fly Rod, 7100-4

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    Not all steelhead return to spawn in a classic, broader rivers.  Instead, many fish return to smaller rivers (almost streams).  A switch or Spey rod is simply too long and cumbersome on smaller waters.  Casting our British Columbia Drift rod in tighter quarters is a dream come true for dedicated steelhead anglers.  Whether you're nymphing or swinging, our 11 foot 7 weight can roll cast, underhand cast, overhead cast and even single-hand Spey cast with ease.  Now you can confidently fish smaller waters often overlooked by other anglers with ease and success.  Beyond casting performance and fishing function, we didn't neglect the little things like how a real fly rod should look.  Along with classic colorings and thread work, we also included the finer things in life like real nickle silver hardware and Cocobolo wood.  Enjoy!
    • Line Size: 7
    • Length: 10 feet
    • Sections: 4
    • Blank color: Silt Grey
    • Reel Seat: Darkened nickle silver, uplocking
    • Spacer: Cocobolo
    • Guides: Blued chrome light steel wire
    • Handle: Proprietary Leland Grip
    • Action: Adaptive, Fast

    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Tired of Spey 4/2/2014 5:21 pm Gotta say, I'm a bit of a contrarian. I'm so tired of all the anglers on the rivers casting two handers like they're staight from Scottland or wherever that stuff comes from. I grew up fishing single hand fly rods and they've done me well...thank you very much. I've been looking for a true single hand steelhead fly rod. Not a nano-titanium infused all-water distance-casting champion, lightest rod in the world kinda fly rod. Just a real, honest, steelhead fly rod. You know a fly rod that's butter smooth, well-balanced and fun to cast? Found it and not from the big brands that I'd been looking at. I found it from a small company out of Sonoma...Leland. Those guys are cool and their work is even cooler. I haven't seen attention to detail like this in a very long time. The grip, the thread, the reel seat...all well done. Now I'm a huge Leland fan and will be back for more.
    The River Why 12/18/2013 8:40 am The British Columbia Drift Fly Rod was a gift from my father. When he gave it to me, it was for a costal trip he had booked for both of us, he asked to go hunting for Steelhead on a small stream in Oregon that was in the River Why. I was a little apprehensive, as casting in narrow waters is not easy. So I was pleasantly surprised when I had a easy time swinging for steelhead with this outfit. The outfit came with a matched fly line; it gives a longer weight-forward belly which delivers the fly exactly where I wanted. I am really thankful to my dad for such an awesome gift, a treasure for my life. I even like the classic click-pawl mechanism of the reel. All in all, I would recommend this outfit to whoever wants to hunt steelhead in narrow waters.