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James Park

1. How you got started fly fishing? What were/are your strongest fly fishing Influences? What was your most memorable or first fly fishing experience?

The first time I went fly fishing was on the Little Truckee River in California. Like many fly anglers, I grew up throwing lures and dunking bait, but as soon as I experienced fishing with a fly rod , I was hooked. The earliest influences in my fly fishing were the guys at the casting ponds in Golden Gate Park. That's where I got to learn how to cast from some of the best fly casters around. I've been very lucky to have fished many places around the globe.  Many fish stand out, but Steelhead in BC, Mako on the Fly, and huge trout in New Zealand are some of my favorite. 

2. What do you like to fish now? Explain How?

Absolute favorite fish to go for are Steelhead. Hands down. There’s nothing like getting a hit from a wild fish while swinging my favorite flies.
The rivers, the water, the scenery…it’s all part of what makes Steelheading so amazing. I still get the chills when I think about standing on the banks at 4 a.m., waiting for the first light to break the horizon so I can make my first cast. 

3. What is your fantasy trip? What do you see in the future?

Being the father to baby boy, being able to spend time with my family on any water is special.

4. Gear. What is your next purchase and why?

I love the Loop Classic Fly Reels. I have a 7/9 and an 8/11, but need a couple more to round out the collection.

5. What’s your favorite San Francisco spot? Why?

I love to fish for Stripers at Ocean Beach. Fishing on a beach anywhere is ok with me. The surf, the Golden Gate Bridge in the background and all sorts of crazy beachgoers make this a special fishery.

6. What do you do at Leland?

I'm the Loop Tackle Brand Manager. 

Anything else we should know about you? School? Hometown? Other projects, interests, etc.?

Born and raised in the South Bay, Los Angeles, California. During my free time (besides fishing), I enjoy traveling, surfing, and working as a Los Angeles County Ocean Lifeguard in Southern California.