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    Sage RPLXi Saltwater Fly Rods

    Item: IU-Sage-RPLXi-SALT
    Special Price: $71.00 – $190.56
    • Blank Color: Blue
    • Weights: 6-13
    • Action: Fast

    Finally!Some of us were ecstatic, some of us were disappointed, but after a few years of the wrong kind of comments on the bruiser RPLX, Sage decided it was time to make the rod a little more caster friendly.  With a little tweaking Sage was able to relax the tip and introduce the RPLXia fast action, quick loading rod.  Going bonefish fishing, Going tarpon fishing, Going king salmon fishing, Going marlin fishing, better get aRPLXi!  These rods have set the saltwater and heavy freshwater standards for years.  Weve been torturing these rods for years in someof the toughest fishing locations and have yet to have a failure.    

    TheRPLXi Series rods are the easiest casting, highest performancesaltwater fly rods on the market. The 10 rods in this series aredesigned with an enhanced action that allows anglers to cast and fisheffectively at all distances and in all conditions when using heavylines, leaders and flies. Benefits of Sage's exclusive design includedquicker loading, better loop control and an enhanced feel throughoutthe casting stroke. This translates into better distance, control andaccuracy, which means better fishing success. Once a fish is hooked,these rods also offer tremendous leveraging and lifting capabilities.Sage RPLXi: the worldwide standard in big-game fly rods.