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Why Support Leland - FAQ's

Leland Fly Fishing Ranch

What is Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters?

Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters is an online fly-fishing equipment and apparel retailer founded in San Francisco in 1985 and named after the grandfather of its owner Josh Leland Frazier, who bought the company in 1999.

What is Leland Fly Fishing Ranch?

Leland Fly Fishing Ranch is the outfitting company’s new home and is being established to provide a place where customers and fly-fishing enthusiasts can come together to share knowledge of and passion for the sport they love.

Does county zoning law allow for a business like Leland?

Yes. Leland Ranch at 24120 Arnold Drive is zoned limited commercial, within which neighborhood retail and organized instruction are both authorized uses.

What is the subject of Leland’s Board of Zoning Adjustment hearing?

The Board of Zoning Adjustment will consider and vote on final permits for completion of Leland Ranch and conditions under which it may be operated.

Why did Sonoma Valley Airport oppose permit approvals for Leland Ranch?

The airport and aviation regulators raised concerns that the presence of ponds on neighboring Leland Ranch would attract birds to the area and increase the risk of aviation accidents due to bird strikes.

Does Leland increase the risk of bird strikes for Sonoma Valley Airport pilots?

No.  Leland Ranch is no longer proposing development of wildlife habitat—which was the initial point of concern.  The company also has instituted landscaping and grounds-keeping practices—such as maintaining shorelines devoid of vegetation—and taken a host of other proven measures to deter waterfowl and other bird life from being attracted to the property.  In sum, the property and its operations in now way are added attraction to birds beyond a pond on the airport’s own property which is maintained without any landscaping or grounds-keeping practices intended to deter waterfowl and other bird life.

Why should I care if Leland Fly Fishing Ranch receives final permits and approvals form the county Board of Zoning Adjustment?

There are many but here is one overriding good reason.  Fly-fishing is a gateway to environmentalism.  It teaches values of conservation and ecology.   Rivers need friends, and fly-fishing creates these friends.  With each new person hooked on fly-fishing, another environmentalist is born.