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    Leland, Florida Keys - Tarpon/Permit Fly Line, 10wt

    Item: Leland FK WF10F
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    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Usually Ships 3 - 10 Business Days.
    Price: $59.95
    Special Price: $59.95
    Leland Florida Keys Permit Fly Line, 10wt


    Permit are admittedly one of the most challenging fish you might ever consider pursuing with a fly rod. With it’s oversized eyes, deep body and nervous nature, it seems strange that this fish would venture into the salty shallows in search for food. But it’s the overwhelming desire to crunch on a fresh crab that brings this amazing fish onto the flats.


    Your goal is to deliver a crab pattern right on target and with as subtle a presentation as possible. Then, you might have a small chance of hooking yourself a permit. Often overlooked is the right fly line to increase your odds of success. At Leland, we know how important the right fly line is and we’ve gone to great lengths to design what we consider the best permit line ever made. It’s our Leland Florida Keys Permit Fly Line.


    With the primary goal of accurately delivering a weighted crab pattern in windy conditions, we worked hard on creating a weight forward fly line with enough line mass to carry a heavier, bulkier crab pattern with ease. Next, we tested head lengths until we found just the right length for quick loading casts, yet still retaining stability. Finally, we modified the front taper of our fly line with the goal of finding the right balance between efficiently delivering the larger crab patterns we often use, but still with a bit of stealth.


    With this line, casting a crab pattern with a nervously-thumping heart, at a tailing permit actually is enjoyable. Without struggling during your cast, you can focus your efforts on your prize permit. If you want to experience a Zen moment while chasing permit, we recommend you cast our best permit line on our best permit fly rod, our Leland Rod Co. Florida Keys Permit fly rod. With this balanced outfit you’ll actually begin to believe that permit aren’t so tough to catch after all.

    • Type of Taper: Weight Forward
    • Sink Rate: Floating
    • Total Length: 100ft
    • Core: Braided Multifilament Nylon
    • Color: Kelp
    • Features Slickness technology
    • Front and back welded loops
    • Features Flotation technology
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