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    Airflo Ridge Clear Tropical Floating 12 Weight

    Item: RPTRWF12FCL
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Usually Ships 3 - 10 Business Days.
    Price: $74.99
    Special Price: $74.99
    Finally, a clear saltwater fly line that takes full advantage of
    Airflo's Ridge technology. Built on a low stretch monofilament core the
    Ridge Clear Tropical has a coating optimized to perform at higher
    temperatures. Ridges significantly improve shoot ability without excess
    line noise in the guides and significantly reduce tangles on the deck.
    When wet the ridges disappear in the water for an incredible low
    optical density, making the line virtually invisible to your target

    Built around Airflo’s low-stretch multifilament Power Core, the Ridge
    Permit-Tarpon fly line offers anglers efficient, accurate casting,
    unmatched sensitivity for take detection, and the hooksetting ability
    necessary to drive a crab fly into a pemit's mouth. With Airflo's Ridge
    outerlayer, this line shoots well and rarely tangles, and, thanks to
    polyurethane construction and a braided core, it maintains its
    pliability across a wide temperature range. Designed with a powerful
    weight forward bullet taper, the Airflo Ridge Permit-Tarpon fly line
    loads rods quickly and turns over the lengthy leaders and large flies
    that successful permit fishing demands.

    • Fly Line Density: Floating
    • Fly Line Taper: Mid-belly, weight forward with two welded ‘Micro Loops’
    • Total Head Length: 38.5 feet
    • Running Line Length: 71.5 feet
    • Total Line Length: 110 feet
    • Core: Low stretch ‘Power Core’
    • Coating: Ridge Tropical Polyfuse XT dual layer system
    • Line Weight:  12
    • Color: Clear
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