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    Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Rod 476-6 7' 6" 4wt

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    Leland Rod Co - Sierra Nevada, Fiberglass, 6 Piece:

    Fiberglass fly rods provide you an opportunity to celebrate a classic approach to small stream trout fishing!

    There's something very unique and special when you fish a well-designed fiberglass fly rod. With a noticeably slower action, fiberglass celebrates the classic approach to fly fishing. You'll find each cast becomes more memorable. The Leland Rod Co. Fiberglass fly rod is seven and a half feet in length, allowing one to cast more effectively in tighter quarters. This length also better balances the rod, while in hand. As a four weight, your presentations will be very subtle, yet you can still cast larger dry flies like Royal Wulffs and Humpies when the summer winds blow.


    Very Cool

    Who needs a six-piece, well-appointed fiberglass fly rod? Honestly, no one. The real question is do you want one? I'm here to tell you that you should. I bought this rod on a bit of a whim, while wine tasting with my wife in Sonoma. It was just too cool a product to pass up and I kinda wrote it off as a momento of our trip. Very glad I bought it. It's one of my favorite fly rods. It's so fun to cast and it reminds me of good times out in California. If you're looking for something different or a special gift for a really, really good friend who fly fishes...this might just be it.


    Sierra Nevada Fiberglass

    Trout fishing is my passion. And I know that a good fiberglass fly rod can make the whole fishing experience a memorable one. I had never tried Leland’s fiberglass rod – so this time I brought the Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Rod, from their store. The rod is very well crafted and suits very well for the small stream trout fishing. Being seven and a half feet in length, it allows one to fish in tight quarters. Whenever I have gone fishing with this rod, it has brought back to me the innocent and carefree joy of fly fishing of the yester years. In fact, now a few of my friends too want to try their hand on this Leland product and are placing orders.


    Kent Hayes

    I got this rod as a gift. At first I was thinking of exchanging it for another Leland rod model, as I don't know much about fiberglass and never thought I needed one. I'm really glad I took the time to inspect and cast this rod first. It makes casting and fishing fun again. It's only 7'6" in length and it's a #4, so it's not a great all around fly rod. Come to find, it wasn't at all intended to be. I called Leland to get more information and I was told it's best used on smaller trout streams casting dry flies. Actually, I love to do that in the Sierra Nevada (funny that's the name of the rod) and so it all made sense. I took it on my next hike into the mountains and cast fluffy dry flies in a special creek I fish. It was like I was a kid again. Every cast was fun and the feel of a small fish on this rod is wonderful. Beyond fun and functional, this rod is easily the best looking fly rod I've seen...ever. If you think you don't need a fly rod this this, you're right. You don't NEED one...but, believe me, you'll WANT it. I loaned it to my buddy for a weekend camping trip and it's now on his list, too. Nice work Leland.


    A Gift

    My family is connected by fly fishing. Four Generations of fly fishers will go to Sun Valley together this year. I wanted to get a gift for my Grandson. I wanted a fiberglass which had the looks and the elegance of my first rod with modern technology. One cast at Leland with Sierra Nevada Fiberglass Fly Fishing Outfit… and I understood that this is the right gift. The rod has a timeless action with enough power to make all the casts. The rod action will performs well in the hands of both professional as well as new anglers. Today when the market is hoarded with numerous fly fishing rod, Leland has come with up with a promising rod which helps you enjoy the art of fishing… Thanks Leland, for making my choice simple.


    Leland Glass as a Gift Last Week

    "First off, Paul gave me a Leland 4 wt 6 piece fiberglass rod that your company made. I have proforms with most of the major companies. Sage,Winston,Orvis endorsed. ect. I have bought many things from Red Truck/ Leland over the years. When I first saw the rod, I was a little suspect. Most of the items I have bought from your company ware closeout items. I have never fished or handled one of your rods. I thought your rods were going to be marketed towards the closeout demographic. When I opened the rod I was VERY impressed on the small details. Your rod tube graphics were amazing. The overall presentation was really impressive. I think everything from your innovative reel seat, to the inlayed stripping guide, to the ferrule plugs were top notch. I was able to actually fish the rod yesterday. Again, I was blown away. The rod flexed all the way to the butt section. The sensitivity was incredible. Again, I looked really cool. But, could it cast anything more than a heavy hopper? As I am sure you already know, of course. It had no problems rolling a double nymph/indicator setup into the tightest spots. I am a rod snob. I really have to hand it to you guys. The product you guys have made is a real pleasure to own and fish with. I am happy Paul gave me your email address. I woke up this morning thinking of how I wanted to write you guys and give some props. So, I am happy this email will not enter a random inbox for customer service. Secondly, The one and ONLY knock I have is the rod sock fabric to tube ratio. Man, it is really cumbersome to put away. I thought the reason there was so much fabric was to accommodate for the ferrule pocket. Which is a nice touch. My unsolicited two cents would be, put a container on the inside of the tube cap and loose some fabric. Lastly, It looks as if the rod was supposed to have a second tip. Based on an empty sleeve in the rod sock. Could you please direct me to the appropriate person so I can purchase one?"

    peter mosey