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Leland Sonoma Traveler Outfit Review


• Line Size: 5
• Length: 8 feet
• Sections: 4

• Reel: Leland Classic Trout
• Line: Leland Trout (WF5F)
• Leader: Leland Trout (9'5X)
• Blank Color: Matte Wine
• Reel Seat: Double-Uplocking Gunsmoke Anodized Aluminum
• Guides: Darkened chrome-plated light wire stainless steel

• Handle: Proprietary Leland Squeeze Grip
• Action: Adaptive, Fast
• Cordura Rod Tube

January 8, 2014 (Sonoma, CA): Regardless of the time of year, there's no better resolution than spending more time outdoors. If you're new to the sport of fly fishing, gaining experience is as easy as grabbing the Sonoma Traveler Outfit and a few flies and hitting the trail. But if you're an experienced angler looking for another quality rod to add to your lineup, you'll appreciate the ucompromising performance of the Sonoma Traveler Outfit.

Rods we stand behind: The Leland Sonoma Series has always been the cornerstone of our education program, designed for maximum efficiency, versatility, and intuitive casting. These are the rods that influenced the way we design fly tackle and informed how we teach the sport of fly fishing. From beginners to expert instructors, thousands of anglers have come to better know fly fishing through the Leland Sonoma fly rods.
The Sonoma Traveler 4-Piece Outfit is the most versatile edition yet, providing enjoyable and efficient fly fishing in a setup that's built to go everywhere you go. The Traveler Outfit embodies the best elements of what a quality fly fishing outfit should be: accurate and fun to cast with an efficient distribution of energy throughout fly rod to fly line. The Sonoma Traveler owes a lot of this performance to a rather unconventional 8-foot length. Few five-weight rods are built to this standard, but the shorter length allows the rod to be both exceptionally light and hugely powerful. The result is accurate, tight loops and effortless casting for every skill level.

Built with a purpose: The Sonoma Traveler fly rod is everything you'd expect from a Leland flagship rod. The premium cork custom-shaped grip, the highly figured wood insert and anodized double-uplocking reel seat, the chrome-plated stainless guides. It's matte finish means you won't spook fish and the aesthetics are superior to rods twice the price. Paired with the Leland Classic Reel - one of our best selling designs and a perfect blend of vintage and contemporary – and you've got a premier assembly of fly fishing gear.
But it's the way that these elements work in concert to provide outstanding control that sets the Sonoma Traveler Outfit apart. And of all these elements, the fly line is perhaps the most critical. Our Leland weight forward, five-weight floating fly line perfectly complements the efficient taper of the Sonoma Traveler. It allows for smooth casting and gives the kind of tailored performance that makes buying a balanced outfit worthwhile.

The rundown: Fly fishing gear shouldn't be complicated. Our Sonoma Traveler Outfit is a testament to what happens when the best attributes of today's fly fishing gear are simplified into one solution. It's a refined option for the angler that wants gear they can trust and the guarantee of the Leland name.

Pro Review - Leland's Casey Rolig

In a world full of “do it all” nine-foot five-weight fly rods, eight foot rods have become less and less common. But spend a day fishing with the Leland Sonoma Traveler Outfit, and you'll understand why other brands are missing out on a huge opportunity for fun and efficiency.
In hand, it feels lighter than just about any rod I've fished recently. But regardless of the actual weight, it's the reduction in “swing weight” provided by the shorter fly rod length that makes it not only feel lighter, it makes it more balanced. This shorter length of rod provides for naturally tighter loops of fly line, resulting is easy accuracy.
On a recent trip to Big Sur, California, I had a great time casting dry flies in tighter casting quarters. From close to medium-far, this balanced rod was a joy to cast and sensitive enough to land dry flies with ease. As a five weight, it still has ample line mass for efficiently delivering hopper dropper rigs when needed. It's also great as a nymph rig, but the trout were looking up so I was fishing dries. The fly line supplied is butter smooth. It seemed to have a softer finish than most “performance” fly lines of today. The line floats like a cork and my mends we nice and smooth.
Leland's Classic Trout Reel isn't just the correct size to accommodate my fly line and plenty of backing, it's also the correct weight to balance the entire outfit. Add to this a unique porting pattern that any grandfather would approve of and a classic click and pawl drag system and you've got a timeless fly reel. It also comes with a leather pouch for protecting this fine reel.
Wrap it all up and this outfit truly embodies what trout fly fishing is all about. Effortless, efficient, accurate casts are memorably provided by this balanced and beautiful outfit. Dry fly fishing and light nymphing are more enjoyable than ever and each fish is earned, not just caught. This four-piece outfit also comes with a nylon covered hard tube with integrated reel pouch for safe and easy transport.