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If you buy something and if it falls short of your expectations in any way, FORP it. Just send it back. As in, "FORP, I busted my rod tip!" or "FORP, these waders are too tight!" or "FORP this reel, I'm getting something better!"

This policy is good for 60 days after you receive a product, and it has virtually no restrictions. Rods, reels, waders, clothes, luggage, accessories. No Questions Asked. We're not happy unless you are. Simple as that. . . Fish On!! The only exceptions to our FORP policy are special order or custom items and items on sale. Our address for returns and exchanges:

Leland Fly Fishing Company, 
Attn: Exchange/Returns Dept.

24120 Arnold Drive

Sonoma, CA 94578


If you'd like to make an exchange, do so in one of two ways:

1) The Best Option: Just place an order for the replacement items. Do this online or over the phone with one of our fish whisperers. You will be billed for these items. At any time -- during, before, or after this second order -- you can ship us the unwanted items from your original order, and upon receipt of them here we will credit you for those items. Please use the back of your invoice for any comments, and include it (or a copy) with your return shipment. This method ensures the most efficient processing of your return, but more importantly, it ensures the best availability of the new outgoing replacement items.

2) The Second Best Option: Ship us the items you'd like to exchange. Please include a copy of your receipt and write instructions detailing the exchange (For example: "These Medium Waders are too small, exchange for size Large of the same wader.") In most cases, on receiving your original items, we'll issue a credit on the next Thursday. (If something comes up, we'll call you to get it straightened out.) Your replacement items will ship out within 2 business day and will be charged as a separate transaction. Please be aware that the hoped-for replacement items may sell out while your exchange is in transit. This is the reason that the above option is encouraged.

If you'd like to make a return, please ship the items to the address above and include a copy of your receipt. In most cases, we'll issue a refund to the credit card you used for the original purchase on the first Thursday after receipt of your goods. If something comes up, we'll call you to get it straightened out. Worry not.

Feel free to LIVE CHAT with one of our experts.