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    Red Truck Diesel Switch, Nymph Outfit, 5110-4

    Item: Di-Out-5110-4
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $649.00
    Special Price: $649.00

    Red Truck 5110-4 Nymph Outfit

    We've all be there. The perfect bit of A+ trout or steelhead water is just out of reach. Maybe you can make the cast and get your nymph rig to the mark, only to watch your offering get quickly ripped from the gravy water by surrounding currents. This type of water is essentially untouched by mankind...but what if you could fish it? What if you could bring private water to any public fishery? What if there was a fly fishing outfit designed for anglers wanting to fish the untouched waters that exist in every river? Well my friends there is. It's our Red Truck Diesel Nymph Outfit and it's one heck of a fish catching tool.


    The Diesel Nymph Rod is eleven feet in length, allowing you not only to get your fly offering to waters that other anglers dream about, but to keep your nymph rig in the right sauce for the perfect drift. You've probably tried this approach with your two-handed fly rod only to find it very laborious to fish such a big rod all day. Our lightweight eleven footer is well balanced to begin with, but we don't leave you hanging. Our rod comes with an adjustable weight system in the reel seat, allowing you to dial in your personal balance point. Now our eleven foot Diesel Nymph rod feels more like a standard trout rod. As a five weight, it's got enough line mass to cast the common rigs us nymphers throw today, yet it's still enjoyable when fighting a 16” trout. This is one fun, fish-catching rod.


    It gets better. This complete nymphing outfit includes our classic and proven Diesel fly reel. To add further balance to our eleven foot nymph rod, we've upsized our reel to our 7/8 Diesel. The result is a longer rod that you can fish all day without any fatigue. Our Diesel fly reel's click and pawl drag system is fully adjustable and purrs like a kitten when you hook up. Even better, this larger sized reel offers increased line capacity that sure comes in handy when you take this fish catching outfit on the hunt for steelhead.


    The correct fly line sure makes a difference. For all the right reasons, we include an Airflo Mend weight forward five weight. The taper of this particular fly line makes for easy casting and turnover when fishing heavier indicator nymph rigs. As the name more than suggest, Airflo's Mend fly line sure mends like a dream allowing for the most natural drifts imaginable.


    When you fish our Red Truck Diesel Nymph Outfit, something will dawn on you. You'll quickly understand that along with purchasing our top-quality tackle, you also purchased a membership to a private fly fishing club, as you'll be fishing waters that other anglers brush off as unfishable. Better yet, this fishing-catching outfit also doubles well as a micro switch rod. Just attach the included bottom grip and off you go. You can cast it single hand or double hand. You can dead-drift with the best of the best or you can swing like a steelhead god. It's up to you.


    Warning...don't show your angling buddies this outfit. Fish alone, or your newly-discovered private water might become a bit crowded.


    • Rod: 5110-4 Diesel, with extra tip
    • Reel: Diesel 7/8
    • Line: Airflo Mend WF5F
    • Backing: Hatch
    • Leaders: Umpqua Nymph 3 Pack
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    . 3/17/2014 11:43 am Thanks guys! Had a great time. Loved casting my new Red Truck Switch rod. At 11' feet it gave me great reach and helped me land a couple nice Rainbows!
    New hat, new rod: first Rainbow on the Truckee River! 3/17/2014 9:55 am Thanks guys! Had a great time. Loved casting my new Red Truck Switch rod. At 11' feet it gave me great reach and helped me land a couple nice Rainbows!
    My go to for Nor. Cal 3/6/2014 2:44 pm I have to say I was pretty excited when I learned we were coming out with a 5 weigth Switch Rod. I am a pretty big indicator nymphing buff and have fished the Truckee a few times with a 11 foot 5 weight Z-Axis. It makes it so much easier to throw heavy multiple fly rigs with heavy shot and a large indicator. Your ability to cover water goes way up and it is a less tiring way to nymph by far. This outfit is well matched and suited for many of Northern Californias waters. The Yuba, Feather, and American just to name a few. Yes, I work for Leland and Red Truck, but the Red Truck and the Red Truck line has won me over.
    Great Rod 3/6/2014 2:34 pm Red Truck Diesel was a new name for me. But when I saw their equipments at the Leland store, I was assured that this product was good. Thus without any hesitation I bought this rod and I am more than happy that I invested in this rod. Everything about this rod is great. The length superb, the weight right and flexibility awesome – I could not ask for more. The rod helped me catch a good number of steelhead trout without any problem. And unlike many other rods, which are suitable only to a certain type of terrain, this Red Truck Diesel product can be used in all kind of waters; be it big or small water. Today when there is excess of options, this rod is a safe choice to make. Anyone looking for a decent rod at a decent price should surely give this rod a try.
    Great MO Outfit 3/5/2014 4:06 pm I recently got into fishing the Missouri River aka MO from the banks and the 9 footer wasn't cutting it. A few guys are nymphing with the old Sage Z-Axis 11 foot switches so I tried this from Red Truck. I'm quite pleased with the versatility even with one fly line. I can nymph easily and either follow the bobber high sticking or make easy mends at longer drifts. I've played around with the bottom grip configurations and like most of the guys at Red Truck, we all use the balancing weights with the fighting butt. I could see switching to a spey line and using the extened handle but not needed right now. I just tuck the butt end under my armpit and wait for the bobber to go down. This rod flexes nicely when playing the smaller 14 inch fish but and protects the 5x tippet we normally use.
    Brilliant 2/6/2014 2:02 pm I fish the Truckee River all year long. I know most of the best runs and I do just fine as far as catching fish. Don't get me wrong, I love to dry fly fish when I can, but the Truckee River can be darn tough some days. Most of my time on the water is spent nymphing With this outfit I could fish all my normal water, plus some runs I can't get at with my standard fly rig. I almost didn't need to mend with this rod's extra length. I kind of feel like I'm cheating! Good work Red Truck!