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    Red Truck Diesel Summer Steelhead Spey Outfit, 6126-4

    Item: Di-Out-6126-4
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $973.95
    Special Price: $973.95
    Steelhead Switch Rods Red Truck Diesel Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing Outfit:

    Nothing beats catching a steelhead on a fly rod...especially a summer run fish, and there's no denying that a steelhead caught on the skate or swing is top shelf. If you agree with this, you'll probably also agree that using a well-designed, perfectly-balanced two-handed outfit is the most efficient and enjoyable way to work your angling magic on your favorite summer run river. That's exactly why we designed our Red Truck Diesel Summer Steelhead Spey Outfit.

    Much has changed since the old days, when a longer, heavier two-handed fly rod was necessary to cast a classic steelhead fly to the mark. Today, due primarily to more efficient fly line systems, our two-handed rods are shorter in length and lighter in rod rating, making a day spent casting much more enjoyable. Take our Diesel 12'6" #6 two-handed fly rod for instance. When fishing summer run rivers, it's the perfect length...long enough to make for easy casts and smooth mends, yet short enough for improved balance and bushwhacking. Our Diesel rod's finish gives a nod to rods from the past with a raw, classic "snake belly" appearance. Of course our rod comes well appointed with high-grade cork and bomb-proof guides...we even include a real aluminum rod tube for protection. No cheap nylon covered tubes here.

    As mentioned, today's two-handed line systems (if properly selected) can make for easier, more-efficient casts, as well as the ability to quickly adjust your line to match the fishing conditions. We've tested all the fly line options and found Airflo provides the best solution for casting enjoyment and fishing function. The Airflo Ridge Running Line, shoots like a dream and feels great in your hands, even on a chilly morning. We've added the right Compact Scandi head when it's time to skate a dry or swing a classic summer pattern. When necessary, you can take your fly deep by using the included Skagit head and appropriate MOW tip. Bottom line, you'll always have a fly line option regardless of your fishing conditions.

    Of course you'll need a quality fly reel to store the perfect fly line system and do battle with a spirited summer steelhead. For this reason, we at Red Truck designed our Chrome fly reel. Classically styled with a simple and proven click and pawl drag system, this reel not only looks the part of a true, two-handed fly reel, it also sounds the part. Our click and pawl drag will sing with pleasure when a rosy-cheeked bullet asks for line. Of course our Red Truck Chrome fly reel is fully-machined from aircraft-grade, bar-stock aluminum and then anodized for a long life on the river, but more important...it's a fly reel that your grandfather would approve of

    When combined, our Red Truck Diesel Summer Steelhead Spey Outfit walks the fine line between casting enjoyment and fishing function. Balance, stability and efficiency are words we use to describe the experience you'll have when you cast our best work. As you probably know, you won't catch a steelhead on every cast, so you better enjoy every cast between your fish...at least that's what we believe. It's time you treated yourself to a summer run steelhead on the swing...it's also time you treat yourself to a Red Truck balanced outfit.

    • Rod: 6126-4 Diesel, with extra tip
    • Head #1: Airflo 390gr. Scandi Compact
    • Head #2: Airflo 450gr. Skagit/Switch Compact
    • Tips: Rio MOW Tips, Light
    • Running Line: Airflo #20 Ridge
    • Reel: Red Truck Chrome
    • Leaders: Umpqua Leaders

    Leland set me up right (literally)

    Just got back from the Feather River and I don't know what I liked more, swinging soft hackles or the sound of the this reel screaming with a steelhead They even changed the retrieve on the spot as I'm a lefty.


    Sounds Sick

    Nothing can be more enjoyable, than steelhead fishing in summer. And this hunt for steel is something I look forward to each year. This last year I was looking for an outfit which would match the light low water. I found the Red Truck Diesel’s Summer Steelhead Spey in the Leland store. The staff spoke highly about this equipment. Two trips now, I can vouch for the outfit. Everything about this outfit is just great! This is one of the best completely balanced two-handed outfit which I have come across. No more guessing which line systems. The length is ideal for easy accurate casts as is flexible enough to give the balance and stability that is much needed when giving the steelhead a tough fight on lighter tippet. The outfit comes with a classic Chrome fly reel which works on a click and pawl drag system. The reel is fully-machined from air-craft grade aluminum which guarantees long life and sounds sick!


    Great Trinity Rod

    I like the Diesel 11' 7wt Switch as it's a versatile compact spey rod. However, this November when the water was low I fished the 12' 6" 6wt Diesel with a 390 Scandi Compact and it was much more enjoyable than the Switch. The longer rod felt as if it flexed deeper and smoother. It also kept the line higher during the cast and it all laid out straight and evenly at any distance short to far. Think single hand dry fly fishing smooth. I'm a fan!


    First Stick

    Being new to the spey game I was looking at getting a 7 weight as my first rod. After talking to some buddies I was assured that a 6 weight would really do the trick for me as I am located in Northern California/ Southern Oregon. I have used this rod a few times on the Klamath on love the way it fishes and is so much fun for swinging those smaller Klamath patterns. The rod and reel match up nice and I can't wait to take it to the Deschutes next fall.


    Perfect for my waters

    Been fishing two handers for a long time and I probably own too many rods at this point. I bought this outfit with primarily one thing in mind...skating dries for steelhead. It's exactly what I hoped it would be...fun to cast, and deadly. I fished it on some of my favorite Western rivers with great success. I did catch a few fish skating and that was a blast, but this outfit is now one of my favorites for swinging classic wet flies, too. It's just so much fun.


    Perfect for summer steel

    I've been a two handed junkie for some time now and I've owned many of the big brands as far as fly rod. I was on the hunt for something a bit lighter, so I called Red Truck. I talked to a couple of guys who sure sounded like they knew what's up. They recmmended this outfit and said I could send it back if I wan't happy. I bought it and test casted it. It's freaking awesome. I love how easy it is to cast and have now caught several fish on it. Great work Red Truck!


    a nice 6WT Double hander!

    I was a little hesitant about fishing this rod, being used to fishing mainly with 7WT rods on my home waters. After watching a couple of videos from Red Truck, I decided to get this rod and its going to be on my raft at all times. Its perfect for big trout, and I can't wait to get a summer fish on the line. Great rods and overall impressed.


    Steelhead Fly Rod

    I am relatively new at steelhead fly fishing, and so did not know which outfit would be good on the water water as well as good on my pocket. A simple visit to the Leland store, and the staff over there were courteous to show me several fishing equipments as per my need. I liked the looks of Red Truck Diesel steelhead swing fly fishing outfit. And after using this equipment I am really very happy. All the components of this outfit are great. Be it the rod, reel or the line. Usually the earlier outfits which I used had problems either due to its rod or line or on several occasions due to the reel. But in this outfit every component is very good. The line is perfect, the reel well balanced and the rod steady. I am satisfied that I made a right decision in buying this outfit.