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Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Outfit Review


A standalone fly rod for exceptional performance chasing trout and summer steelhead... Read More.
thumbnail::Red-Truck-nymph 5110-4 thumb.jpg


A standalone fly rod for exceptional performance chasing trout and summer steelhead... Read More.
Name::Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Outfit Review
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•  Outfit: Purchase here...
•  Rod: 5110-4 Diesel
•  Reel: Red Truck Diesel 7/8wt
•  Line: Airflo Mend WF5F
•  Backing: Hatch
•  Included: Fighting butt and bottom grip, extra tip

March 6, 2014 (Sonoma, CA): The Red Truck 5110-4 Nymph Outfit is a comprehensive nymphing solution, owing its efficiency to the balance between rod, reel and line. That said, the rod itself is one of Red Truck's most innovative and versatile models. With an adjustable weight system in the reel seat and interchangeable butt sections, it's built to handle changing conditions without compromise and provide an individualized fit for every angler.

The Right Length: Eleven feet means a lot of reach, and the Red Truck 5110-4 Nymph Outfit is all about getting your nymph to otherwise inaccessible water. Heavy nymph rigs can struggle at a distance, especially with an ordinary five-weight, but the Red Truck Diesel 5110-4 is long enough for drag-free dead drifts and seamless mends. Ultimately, nymphing is about catching more fish, and the more water you can cover the higher your fish count. Despite its length and power, the Diesel 5110-4 rod is exceptionally responsive and transmits energy efficiently through the blank and into the handle so you don't miss a take. 

Multiple rods in one: A huge factor in the design and development of the Diesel 5110-4 was delivering versatile performance that could accommodate the unique demands of every fisherman and adapt to changing environments. The solution came in the form of an interchangeable fighting butt and lower grip section, as well as counterweights that attach to the reel seat. Now you can zero in on the perfect balance between a heavy nymph rig, your fly line, and your reel. Customize your setup on the fly and don't be surprised if you wind up using this as much as a micro-switch setup as much as a nymph rig.

The Reel: The Diesel 7/8wt reel runs large for a reason. It balances well with the rod when you're fishing heavy nymph rigs, and the added line capacity and efficient retrieve makes it great for covering big water. It's a workhouse of a fly reel that complements the performance of the 5110-4.

The Lines: The Airflo Mend WF5W is a no-brainer. Designed specifically for nymphing, it combines a long, powerful head with an extended rear taper. Translation: huge, effortless mends to compliment the reach of the Diesel 5110-4.

The Rundown: If you're into nymphing, get your hands on the Red Truck 5110-4 Switch Nymph Outfit. Each element has been thoughtfully designed for exceptional performance, but the rod alone is a standalone success of the Red Truck Lineup.

Red Truck Diesel 5110-4 Switch Outfit Review - Leland's James Park

Although it doesn't get much better than dry fly fishing, there's no arguing that a trout's diet is primarily subsurface. An angler wanting to maximize their would do well to nymph fish.

It's true there are multiple nymphing techniques, like sight nymphing (no indicator) or micro nymphing (just a puff of yarn for your indicator). There's even the old “hopper-dropper” rig where a large dry fly supports a smaller nymph. However, the most popular technique employs a larger, high-floating, highly-visible indicator. Under this indicator, we commonly attach weight (split shot) and multiple nymphs. This effective rig sure catches fish, but it's a challenge to cast on most trout rods.

Red Truck has the solution for those of us who want to catch as many trout as possible. It's their Diesel Nymph Rig. At 11 feet, it makes for easy casting of larger and heavier nymph rigs and serves up the best drag free drifts I've ever encountered. Honestly, I found myself not having to mend at all on some drifts because of the fly rod's length.

You'd think that this longer fly rod would be very tip heavy and would create stress on my casting hand, but Red Truck took care of this in two ways: first, the 5110-4 fly rod comes with counter balance weights. Just remove the fighting butt and add the necessary weight. The eleven foot rod felt more like a longer nine footer. Secondly, the complete outfit comes with a larger and heavier fly reel, giving me more line capacity and added reel weight, further balancing this effective fly rod. There's even an extended lower grip option if you prefer.

I fished this outfit for a weekend on California's Truckee river. There's lots of trout in that river, but they don't come easy and the water is heavily trafficked. That's where the added length put me at an advantage: I could access water and seams that others couldn't. Plus I could keep my fly in the zone longer. It was one of the most fun weekends I've had on the Truckee, and a personal best for the river.

Even if you already own a solid nymph rod or outfit, I guarantee you don't own anything like this outfit. It's as good as nymph fishing gets. To put it another way, fishing with this outfit is like bringing private water everywhere you go.
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Red Truck Diesel Switch, Nymph Outfit, 5110-4
Want to catch as many trout as humanly possible on your favorite river? Check this out!
thumbnail::diesel 5110-4 Outfit.jpg
desc::Want to catch as many trout as humanly possible on your favorite river? Check this out!
Name::Red Truck Diesel Switch, Nymph Outfit, 5110-4
Rod Weight::5 Weight
Rod Length::10-11 Feet
Reel Line Weight::7-8 Weight
Rod Action::Medium/Tip-Curve
Featured::Leland Favorite
Brand::Red Truck Fly Fishing
Rod Type::Freshwater
Primary Color::Grey
Line Weight::5 Weight

Red Truck 5110-4 Nymph Outfit

We've all be there. The perfect bit of A+ trout or steelhead water is just out of reach. Maybe you can make the cast and get your nymph rig to the mark, only to watch your offering get quickly ripped from the gravy water by surrounding currents. This type of water is essentially untouched by mankind...but what if you could fish it? What if you could bring private water to any public fishery? What if there was a fly fishing outfit designed for anglers wanting to fish the untouched waters that exist in every river? Well my friends there is. It's our Red Truck Diesel Nymph Outfit and it's one heck of a fish catching tool.


The Diesel Nymph Rod is eleven feet in length, allowing you not only to get your fly offering to waters that other anglers dream about, but to keep your nymph rig in the right sauce for the perfect drift. You've probably tried this approach with your two-handed fly rod only to find it very laborious to fish such a big rod all day. Our lightweight eleven footer is well balanced to begin with, but we don't leave you hanging. Our rod comes with an adjustable weight system in the reel seat, allowing you to dial in your personal balance point. Now our eleven foot Diesel Nymph rod feels more like a standard trout rod. As a five weight, it's got enough line mass to cast the common rigs us nymphers throw today, yet it's still enjoyable when fighting a 16” trout. This is one fun, fish-catching rod.


It gets better. This complete nymphing outfit includes our classic and proven Diesel fly reel. To add further balance to our eleven foot nymph rod, we've upsized our reel to our 7/8 Diesel. The result is a longer rod that you can fish all day without any fatigue. Our Diesel fly reel's click and pawl drag system is fully adjustable and purrs like a kitten when you hook up. Even better, this larger sized reel offers increased line capacity that sure comes in handy when you take this fish catching outfit on the hunt for steelhead.


The correct fly line sure makes a difference. For all the right reasons, we include an Airflo Mend weight forward five weight. The taper of this particular fly line makes for easy casting and turnover when fishing heavier indicator nymph rigs. As the name more than suggest, Airflo's Mend fly line sure mends like a dream allowing for the most natural drifts imaginable.


When you fish our Red Truck Diesel Nymph Outfit, something will dawn on you. You'll quickly understand that along with purchasing our top-quality tackle, you also purchased a membership to a private fly fishing club, as you'll be fishing waters that other anglers brush off as unfishable. Better yet, this fishing-catching outfit also doubles well as a micro switch rod. Just attach the included bottom grip and off you go. You can cast it single hand or double hand. You can dead-drift with the best of the best or you can swing like a steelhead god. It's up to you.


Warning...don't show your angling buddies this outfit. Fish alone, or your newly-discovered private water might become a bit crowded.


  • Rod: 5110-4 Diesel, with extra tip
  • Reel: Diesel 7/8
  • Line: Airflo Mend WF5F
  • Backing: Hatch
  • Leaders: Umpqua Nymph 3 Pack
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