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    Red Truck Standard Disc Drag Trout Reel w/ 5wt Line - Rigged LHW

    Item: rt-standard-rigged-5wt
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $127.00
    Special Price: $127.00

    Red Truck: Standard Reel - Disk Drag, Trout, 5/6 Weight Reel

    This is one great little fly reel. Nothing fancy here, just a great working, long lasting fly reel. It's the right size for any five or six weight fly line/rod.

    No, it's not machined and anodized. It's molded and painted...but so what. It still works hard like a mule and can take all the bumps an angler can throw at it. It's got an adjustable disc-drag system that protects light tippet, yet can still slow down a bigger fish. This fly reel is perfect for the beginner or makes for a great back-up fly reel.

    • Adjustable disc drag system. Super-smooth, super strong
    • Easily converts for right or left hand use
    • Perfect for #5 and #6 fly lines
    • Well-made. Will last many seasons of hard use
    • Protective neoprene reel case included

    If you're a lake angler and you've got a lot of fly lines, don't spend extra money on a bunch of spools, get this reel (or several) and get organized.

    Red Truck All  Purpose Trout 5wt Fly Line

    Besides catching a trout on a dry fly, nothing rivals the hunt and thrill of throwing streamers to big trout. It's pretty simple math, once a trout gets large enough, it learns to save its energy by investing calories in larger prey like crayfish, sculpin or even smaller trout. Presenting a streamer pattern which mimics these food sources can bring the largest trout in the stream to your wading boots.

    For this reason, we at Leland began the task of designing a fly line specifically to make casting a heavier streamer much easier. By altering our fly line's taper, head length and coating, we've created a line that makes quick work of casting bulkier streamers.

    Beyond efficient casting, you'll notice the added benefit of accuracy. And, when you can put the right fly pattern on target, the likelihood of catching more and bigger fish greatly increases. So add streamer fishing to your list of angling options, but make sure you have the right fly line for the job