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    Red Truck Standard Disc Drag Trout Reel w/ 5wt Line - Rigged LHW

    Item: rt-standard-rigged-5wt
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $127.00
    Special Price: $127.00

    The Reel

    No Joke, this is one great little fly reel. Nothing fancy here, just a
    great working, long lasting fly reel. It's the right size for any five
    or six weight fly line/rod. No, it's not machined and anodized. It's
    molded and painted...but so what. It still works hard like a mule and
    can take all the bumps an angler can throw at it. It's got an adjustable
    disc-drag system that protects light tippet, yet can still slow down a
    bigger fish. This fly reel is perfect for the beginner or makes for a
    great back-up fly reel. If you're a lake angler and you've got a lot of
    fly lines, don't spend extra money on a bunch of spools, get this reel
    (or several) and get organized.

    The Line

    Fly Line is perfect for all purpose trout fishing. It's a Weight
    Forward design for easy casting and makes shooting line a breeze. Dual
    tone color aids increases distance control  with a moss green tip for a
    stealth presentation. The line is looped at both ends for easy changing
    of lines or leaders.
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