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    Loop Multi (Streamer) Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 696-4

    Item: LOOP Multi 696-4
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Usually Ships 3 - 10 Business Days.
    Price: $395.00
    Special Price: $149.95

    LOOP Multi 9ft 6in 6wt Fly Rod:

    The Loop Multi Single Hand 9ft 6in 6wt Fly Rod, 696-4 has plenty of power to kick over big streamers, with a fast action for increased control over your fly and fly line. It's a simple fact. The largest trout in your home waters didn't get that big just eating insects. They grew fat on meat in the form of smaller fish and crayfish. Don't miss out on a fish of a lifetime. Give them what they want, like a meaty, cone-headed streamer. You can't easily cast that size of fly on your regular trout rod. You need a fly rod that can efficiently cast a fly line with more line mass to carry your bigger offering. That's exactly what this Loop Multi 9'6" #6 fly rod was designed to do. And when you do hook a monster, you'll have plenty of backbone to pull that trophy fish from the river's current.

    LOOP on LOOP Tackle:

    As a fly fisher you should have high demands on your fly fishing equipment. For us at Loop, this is obvious and Loop fly fishing rods are made with the highest standard. Loop would never put our brand on ready made blanks. We make our own rods with pride at Loop, with knowledge that comes from years of experience in fly fishing. “Fly rods developed by fly fishers for fly fishers”. Loop's fly fishing rods are made from a brand new technology. They are built to last and their action will surprise you. But most importantly, the Loop Fly Fishing Rods are fly fishing tools with a feeling you will love, no matter what type of fly fishing you prefer. Each series has its own special qualities. There is a rod for every fly fisher and every situation. Welcome to the world of Loop Fly Fishing Rods.

    Leland on LOOP Tackle:

    Pioneers of angling prestige and performance, Loop has been blazing trails internationally for over three decades and Leland is proud to be part of their stateside story. Loop was founded by two fly fishing gurus whose passion for the sport is equaled only by their gift for innovation. With this unparallelled balance of tradition and technology, Loop is the realization of a dream to craft fly fishing tackle as spectacular as the uncharted waters its patrons revere. Fly Fishing is in Loop's DNA.

    Loop knows that setting the standard for fly fishing technology once takes dedication, but that revolutionizing the fly fishing industry several times over takes perfection. With the invention of the large arbor fly reel, the underhand casting method, and an unquenchable passion for seeking out premier fly fishing, Loop has accomplished more since 1979 than most fly tackle companies could ever imagine.

    • Model: 696-4
    • Line Weight: 6
    • Length: 9ft 6in
    • Sections: 4
    • Weight: 4.2oz
    • Head Weight: 12-15g
    • Deep fast action
    • The triangular, locking reel seat makes it easier to put the reel in place
    • Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections
    • Ceramic stripping guides and durable chrome snake-guides with double coating
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    keep streaming on 2/13/2014 1:56 pm Great rod, great performance! I dig throwing streamers and I dig this rod. Handles the big flies and big fish well.
    Perfect for Lakes and Stillwater 2/13/2014 11:36 am I called Lelands last week and spoke to someone about the Multi. He was very honest and let me know that this rod was not the best of the best, but that it would do what I need it to do, for the places I fish. Sure enough, I got the rod this past weekend and have fished it two days already. It can handle my big flies with ease!
    Nymph-tastic! 2/13/2014 11:34 am My only rod to date has been a 4 weight. I got tired of trying to work some bigger rivers with indicators on that rod. I was looking for a good 9'6 6 at nice price and stumbled upon this. It made my life much, much easier and throws big indicators and nymph rigs easily. My same gripe is that it does not have a full wells grip....but hey for the $....
    Big Trout Rod 2/13/2014 11:32 am Why work harder than you have to? The beauty of fly fishing is the ability to size up or down your equipment depending on fly size. The is a size up rod for trout and at 9' 6" in length it makes for a versatile trophy trout rod. Give me this rod, a handful of articulated streamers and I couldn't be happier.
    Lower Sacramento Killer 2/10/2014 12:05 pm I live in California and I do fish around the state a good bit, but I mostly drift the Lower Sacrament for the big fish. I wanted a fly rod with a bit more power and length than my current fly rod. I commonly fish with larger indicators, long leaders, split shot and a couple of bugs. Casting a rig like this on a five weight is a tough job. This rod makes it so easy to deliver my rig and control my dirfts. I now own two of these rods, so my buddies can enjoy the day, too.
    If had a full wells it would be 5 star 12/11/2013 11:27 am This is a killer rod for casting big flies. If it had a full wells I could cast it all day but the cigar grip does the trick for a couple hour outing. Great streamer rod on the Au Sable due to the medium to fast action it lays down flies softly without that splat you get on stiffer rods. You can take the fighting butt off if you want for balance exposing a threaded hole but I've kept mine on.
    Perfect for Kenai! 12/10/2013 2:44 pm My first gigantic AK rainbows were with this rod! I was able to toss big flies to some of the biggest rainbows and dolly varden I have ever seen. My buddies couldn't get their flies where they wanted, but after trying my rod, they were shocked. I can't wait for my trip back to AK next year.