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What is Leland Instant Upgrade?

Instant Upgrade allows you to receive store credit before we even receive your gear.

How does it work?

Simply call or email us. Tell us what rods or reels you have and we'll generate a value for the given items using data from ebay. That turns into instant savings on whatever you're looking for.

Details Please?

Leland Upgrade, an established consignment program has been putting the finest fly fishing tackle in the hands of anglers for years. This process takes approximately 2-4 weeks by the time you send in your gear and we issue credit. We're fast, easy, and free but sometimes this process isn't fast enough. That's where Leland Instant Upgrade comes into play.

How do you determine the value for my gear?

The answer is ebay, the worlds largest online marketplace. We capture that data using TeraPeak, the leading market research solution. Using those two trusted sources will tell you exactly what your rod or reel is worth. We'll get back to you shortly with a value to put towards that new rod you've been drooling over.

I have received instant credit, how do you know I will send in my gear?

We know where you live... Just kidding. We ask you to send in your gear within 30 days of the sale. Go ahead, worry about fishing right now. When you get back send in your gear along with the Instant Upgrade Form and we'll forget anything ever happened. IF, you choose not to send in your gear within 30 days we'll charge your credit card the difference.

A few examples...

Greg had three rods. A Scott A3 9' 5wt, Sage Z-axis 8' 6" 4wt, & Ross Momentum 5. We gave him $491 in instant credit towards the purchase of a Loop Cross S1 8wt. He paid only $239. A3=$77, Z-axis=$234, Momentum=$180.

Want your credit to go farther? We can get you into a new Red Truck rod or reel at even greater savings. Got a Sage SLT, Winston Boron IIx, or Scott S3S? Choose any new Red Truck Diesel you like.

Get Started now

1. Call (866) 672-1595 and ask for Instant Upgrade... OR email casey@flyfishingoutfitters.com your gear list

Accepted Items

  • Fly rods w/ $199 original retail value
  • Fly reels w/ $100 original retail value

Download and fill out the INSTANT UPGRADE FORM completely

3. Ship us your gear!


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24120 Arnold Drive/Hwy 121

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Yes it is that easy!!! If you have any reservations please call!


The Leland Upgrade Team

Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters

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