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FAQ's we get about Instant Upgrade

What is Leland Instant Upgrade?

Instant Upgrade allows you to receive an instant market value for what your gear is worth on trade. This can be applied to a pending order or future orders as soon as your gear arrives at our doorstep.

How does it work?
Find your unwanted rod or reel model(s) under the categories: Upgrade Your Rods or Upgrade Your Reels. Determine item condition (Flawless, Good or Broken) and then select Let's Upgrade it! This takes you to the Trade In Request Page, go ahead keep adding items to reach your desired gift card amount. Displayed here will be the list of gear you have to Instant Upgrade and the store credit we'll give you in the form of a gift card. Sign in, checkout and wait for return instructions which will be emailed to you shortly. Mail your gear to us and the day it arrives we'll issue a gift card to you via email. You're now able to use this online or over the phone.

Details Please?
Leland Upgrade, an established consignment program has been putting the finest fly fishing tackle in the hands of anglers for years. This process takes approximately 3-4 weeks by the time you send in your gear and we issue a final store credit. We're fast, easy, and free but sometimes this process isn't fast enough. That's where Leland Instant Upgrade comes into play.

How do you determine the value for my gear?
The answer is ebay, the worlds largest online marketplace. We capture that data using TeraPeak, the leading market research solution. Using those two trusted sources will tell you exactly what your rod or reel is worth. We'll get back to you shortly with a value to put towards that new rod you've been drooling over.

I can't find my brand or model of rod or reel listed, is it eligible for Instant Upgrade?
Yes. Email casey@lelandfly.com and he'll be happy to provide you an Instant Upgrade Quote via email. Simply list the items brand, model, and any other information and we'll use our software to generate an accurate Instant Upgrade value.

Why not sell it myself?
You could sell your used fly rod or reel yourself on ebay or Craigslist for cash. However, this takes time, lots of time if you haven't sold tackle before. Then there are photos, writing item description, identifying quality, consumer questions, shipping and finally trying to receive payment. We do all of this for you without the hassle of selling it yourself and the end result is a gift card for the gear you wanted to buy all along.

Can I get a gift card before you receive my gear?
Of course you can. Simply complete the checkout procedure and give us a call. We'll process the order right away using your credit card for the full amount. When your gear arrives, instead of issuing you a gift card we'll issue it in the form of a refund back to your original credit card. This is the fastest way to get you fishing the gear you've always wanted!

Compare Leland Upgrade to Instant Upgrade for me?

Leland Upgrade relies on your item selling before we issue store credit. Luckily our auctions are just 7 days as this ensures a large bidding audience without going too long. It allows one full week of searches. Items are generally paid for within 1-3 days and we issue credit each and every Friday for all the items paid for within that past week. From the time you send in your gear to issuing credit expect 2 to 2.5 weeks. The plus side to Leland Upgrade is that we let the market determine value and trust us, this is a good thing. With a global audience and the nature of bidding all it takes is two or more people to fight over your item. Since your photos and descriptions are so good those bidders know exactly what they're getting. Near the end of the 7 day auction you'll see many bids as these people are now invested in the item and they want it bad! Usually, our auctions exceed our estimated value and this goes right into your pocket. There is a small risk, but we generally see all fly tackle sell between 40 and 60 percent of its original manufacturer price.

Instant Upgrade is exactly what the name implies, it's Instant! Since we have years of sales data and a program called Terapeak which gives us previous sale prices from all ebay sellers we can formulate a fair and honest instant value for your item(s). You can even search for your rod or reel here to see it's value or you may email us for an Instant Upgrade Quote. This is great for that last minute trip or for those that just want to proceed with an established value and don't want to risk selling their gear as an auction on ebay. It's safe to say that Leland Upgrade will likely yield 10-15% higher returns than Instant Upgrade but the choice is yours.