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Leland Upgrade and Instant Upgrade Reviews

When a customer trusts us to get the best prices for their unwanted gear, it’s our duty to provide the best service possible. We offer two upgrade options for you depending on your situation.

Leland Instant Upgrade is great for those of you when time isn't on your side. Last minute trips happen and we're here to help. With this option we can issue store credit immediately, sight unseen. Our trade-in values are based off ebay, the worlds largest marketplace and are designed to give you the most fair and accurate value for your gear.

Leland Upgrade is what started it all for us. Did you know we where the first fly shop to offer a global trade-in program. That's right, we have "Upgraders" all around the world. With Leland Upgrade we sell your gear on our ebay store as a 7-Day auction and due to our listing process, quality of photos, accurate descriptions, worldwide shipping and overall reputation Leland Upgrade will maximize your returns far beyond your beliefs. If you have some time we generally see 10-15% higher returns with this method versus Instant Upgrade. You can learn more below and when you've found the right option for you just follow the directions. If you have any questions along the way don't hesitate to ask.

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Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
Jim in Louisiana 8/11/2014 11:46 am Most fly fishers are gear heads to one extent or another. Sure, we all have that special treasured gear that we can never part with, but along the way, we accumulate gear that ends up unused in the back of the closet. Leland's Upgrade Program offers a sure-fire way to get top dollar for the stuff you don't use. Couple that with an expert and friendly staff and a selection of premium gear to spend your new-found money on and you can be wise from both a financial and fishing gear standpoint at the same time.
A+ 7/20/2014 8:47 am I have used the Leland upgrade program for a few years now and Casey and his crew have been outstanding to work with. I have always gotten a fair price and their service and experience is second to none.
Raleigh, NC 7/7/2014 6:21 pm The process was very easy. I was pleased with the prices my items sold for. Using my credit to purchase new gear was equally hassle free. Casey and the Leland staff are friendly and knowledgable . I would recommend to anyone trying to unload and upgrade gear.
Happy 5/29/2014 9:50 am Leland, Thank you so much for having such an awesome online store. I think that it's the easiest to navigate online store with the best products I've come across. I recently purchased purchased the Loop Adventure 5wt kit as I'm just getting started fly fishing (http://www.lelandfly.com/Loop-Adventure-9-5wt-Trout-Fly-Fishing-Outfit.html). It just arrived today and most everything was awesome. I'm so excited to get out on the water. Thank you for the hat, btw.
Dennis-ism 5/23/2014 8:03 am As we all know by this time the many scams that exist, it was a very pleasant surprise to speak with Casey and anyone else I got on the phone over how and why the Upgrade program works and finally participating, including the on-going documentation of each step.....NO hidden agenda......I only sent in mint equipment and look forward to NEW arrivals.....thank you
Ireland 4/30/2014 3:31 pm I've used the upgrade program over the last 2 years and despite the geographical factor I'd highly recommend it. Casey is top notch and ill definitely be using it again in the near future.
Virginia Beach, VA 4/16/2014 2:07 pm Having used the Leland Upgrade Program before, I was confident that I would be able to trade in old rods and get store credit for newer tackle. As before, the process was seamless and done professionally. I'm sure I'll do it again! Good job, Casey!
A+ 4/3/2014 1:20 pm Leland's Up-Grade Program is the perfect way to manage your investment in equipment that no longer meet your needs.The program is very fair and expertly supervised by Casey Rolig who is also a pleasure to work with.I would highly recommend using this program as I am a very satisfied customer.
Las Vegas 3/27/2014 5:34 pm Leland is the one stop for me where it comes to my fishing gear. I give Casey my old stuff and get new gear. So when I wanted a bamboo rod all I did was give Casey a call. I very easily found the kind of Bamboo rod that I was looking for. I went with Leland’s own Sierra Nevada Bamboo Fly Rod, made by Sweetgrass - the look and feel of this rod, took me back to my grandfathers gear, when fishing was more of fun and relaxation. Leland has kept the age old tradition of bamboo rods alive by crafting outstanding equipment. In spite of its length, the rod is light in the hand. And its on-stream control and accuracy is just excellent. I am in love with this rod, also not to forget the click and pawl reel is just splendid. Thanks Leland Upgrade!
Naples, FL 3/27/2014 3:25 pm Last year I happened to tell one of my fishing buddies, that I wanted to sell some of my old fly fishing stuff on ebay. My friend told me about Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters and the Leland Upgrade program. After reading about the Leland Upgrade on your website, and a quick phone call for some minor questions, I sent you my fly fishing rods & equipment that I wasn't using anymore. I can't tell you how surprised I was at how quickly you got this equipment on ebay and sold. I was also very pleased by the prices that you were able to get for me. Thank you again for making this an easy process, and making my experience with Leland a great one! I will tell everyone about the Leland Upgrade team and how you enabled me to upgrade my fly fishing equipment painlessly and without spending a lot of money! Thank you again.