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    Sierra Nevada Bamboo Fly Rod, 7' 6" 4wt, 2 Tips

    Item: sn bamboo
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $2,000.00
    Special Price: $2,000.00
    Not every graphite fly rod is a joy to cast. The same is true with fly rods made of bamboo. Bamboo (just like graphite) is simply a material. Knowing how to work with bamboo is only the first step. Designing a specific fly rod model to perform correctly in a given situation, while keeping in mind bamboo's exceptional qualities (and limitations) is the real secret to building a masterpiece. This particular rod is designed specifically to fish the numerous, smaller trout streams that cover our country. It's balanced, true-tracking, crisp and accurate, making for the best bamboo dry fly rod you've ever cast. Of course, it's perfectly appointed with the correct components and varnished impeccably. This rod is akin to driving that vintage roadster with the top down...it's doesn't get much better!

    First Fly Rod

    Being relatively new to the whole fly fishing thing, I was very confused about which rod to buy. I wanted to start with the classic of a good bamboo rod, something which will later pass on my son. I landed onto Leland’s Sierra Nevada Bamboo Fly Rod. This rod is a real treat to the eyes. Meticulously handcrafted, it comes with a classic click and pawl reel and a handpicked cork handle. It is great in tighter quarters and excellent even if the wind picks up. I could not ask for more. This rod is a perfect celebration of fly fishing. I highly recommend this to all passionate fly fishers.


    Everyone Should Have One

    Carefully handcrafted, with a classic fly reel for aesthetic balance, excellent fly lines, a drop dead gorgeous rod to hold. Well that’s Leland’s Bamboo Fly Rod. None of the bamboo rods that I have used till date have given me even half great an experience as this rod. Its glue lines, joints and cork work are flawless. Apart from this each cast with this rod turns out to be a memorable one. Anyone who loves fly fishing should definitely have this bamboo rod in his/her collection. This one investment is something you will always be proud of.


    Fishing Bamboo

    My interest in fly-fishing began when I used to accompany my grandpa on his fishing trips. Today my fishing expedition is totally incomplete without fly fishing. I always wanted a classic bamboo rod in my collection and was not very sure which one to buy. Then I happened to watch a video on YouTube by Leland guys. I visited their store and got the Sierra Nevada Bamboo Fly Rod. It’s been 3 seasons now, and my experience with the rod has been outstanding. This rod is a perfect blend of long standing tradition and contemporary technology. Carefully handcrafted, this 7’6” rod is light on hand and excellent on-stream. After this purchase, I have become a Leland loyal. Thank you guys for coming up with an excellent rod.