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    New Zealand Nymph Fly Rod 5100-4 10' 5wt

    Item: nz nymph
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $695.00
    Special Price: $695.00

    New Zealand Nymph Fly Rod:

    After a hike that felt like miles upon miles of walking you see a big Rainbow sitting under a riffle, you tie on a big Rubberlegs followed by your favorite Copper John pattern under an indicator. A big roll cast followed by a mend gets your indicator drifting down the bubble line. Just as you whisper to yourself “foam is home” your indicator dives toward the bottom. A strong hook set and the fight is on!

    When it comes to nymph fishing, two important considerations should come to mind. First, a well-designed nymph rod should efficiently and effortlessly cast heavier nymph rigs. Secondly, the rod should be long enough to manage and mend your fly line to create a natural drift.

    Our New Zealand 10' #5 Nymph fly rod was designed specifically for nymph fishing. The extra length and adaptive action also makes for efficient roll casts, as well as single hand Spey casts. You'll be able to hit those hard to reach slots and ledges where the big fish hide and drift your fly in a very lifelike fashion.

    Add this rod to your quiver and you'll be able to catch trout when your friends are fishlessly scratching their heads.

    • The best nymph fly rod available.
    • Perfect for indicator or tight-line nymphing.
    • Only the best materials and components used to craft this rod.
    • Includes top-quality aluminum rod tube with rod sock.
    • Best warranty in the business.

    • Line Size: 5
    • Length: 10 feet
    • Sections: 4
    • Blank color: Olive
    • Reel Seat: Darkened nickle silver, uplocking
    • Spacer: Cocobolo
    • Guides: Blued chrome light steel wire
    • Handle: Proprietary Leland Grip
    • Action: Adaptive, Fast

    Just what I needed

    Most of us already have a five weight fly rod. I have several. But most of the time I nymph fish with my rods. It never really felt like I was getting the job done easily. My friend recommended this rod just for nymphing. Couldn't go wrong on the price, so I picked one up. Not quite sure how it works, but this rod makes casting nymph rigs so much easier. If you nymp fish, this might be the rod you've been looking for. Super stoked!


    Love to nymph

    I already own a 9'#5 fly rod and it works for most techniques, but it's not great at anything. I mostly fish nymphs, so I thought I'd hunt down the right rod for what I do most. I looked at some longer five and six weight rods from the major brands. Stopped by the Leland Ranch in Sonoma and tested their New Zealand Nymph. It cast like a champ, roll cast well and with the extra length, I new it would mend. First time on the water changed my fishing experience. I had total control for once and caught way more fish than I usually do. I really dig this rod.


    Yes, Yes, Yes

    Sure, everyone wants to catch trout on a dry fly. There's no doubt about this. But, there are days when that's just not in the cards. For years I've just nymphed with my standard 9' #5 fly rod and I did catch fish, but something was missing. It wasn't until I visited the Leland Ranch in Sonoma did I truly understand that the right fly rod model makes all the difference. Admitting to myself that I do indicator nymph a lot, I decided to try the New Zeland Nymph rod on my next trip. It changed my life on the water. It's that good. Easy casts and mindless mends. I didn't know how hard I was working with my standard trout rod, until I fished the Leland rod. If you indicator nymph for your trout, this is the dream rod. It's also drop dead beautiful, too!


    Great from my tube

    I wanted a litte extra length for the days I use my flat tube, and the guy on the phone told me to try this rod out. I just took it out today for the first time, and even though it took me a minute to get used to the rod, I had an amazing day. Lots of backbone for a 5wt rod.