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    Leland Reel Co. Vintage Golden Trout Fly Reel

    Item: 1976
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    Price: $249.00
    Special Price: $187.00

    Sierra Nevada Golden Trout Fly Reel:

    A fly reel your grandaddy would approve of.

    When it comes to choosing a fly reel that celebrates the simplicity of small stream angling, the Sierra Nevada Golden Trout is a rustic and elegant option all its own. At home on bamboo, glass, and even contemporary graphite fly rods, our Golden Trout fly reel offers the function and feel you want when plying the small, secret streams where fly fishing is unpretentious and uncomplicated.

    Nothing fancy here. No large-arbor spools, no NASA-designed drag system, no gaudy color options...just a fly reel like you might hope to find in your grandfather's sock drawer one day. With a click and pawl drag system that needs no adjusting, you'll hear our fly reel's laughter, as it celebrates each wild trout you catch.

    Of course it's fully machined from solid bar-stock aluminum and then Teflon anodized for amazing scratch resistance and a very long life in the field...but to be honest, who really cares about all that technical stuff. It's probably best described a beautiful little trout fly reel with soul. Something your grandfather would definitely approve of.

    • Weight: 3.6 oz.
    • Spool Width: .70"
    • Spool Diameter: 2.3"
    • Frame Diameter: 2.7"
    • Appropriate for line sizes 2 to 4
    • Traditional aesthetic
    • Fully machined from solid, bar-stock aluminum
    • Teflon anodized
    • Standard arbor for plenty of capacity
    • Time-honored click-pawl drag
    • Easy left-to-right retrieve conversion
    • Solid brass components
    • Agatine handle
    • Brass-zippered, padded leather case

    Dropped but works great

    I've now dropped this reel twice from my work bench changing out lines. Must be getting old and this reel is tiny. However, I'm writing this to say that after both times the spool and frame remained straight. No wobbles. No dents. Of course I can see where it landed but that just gives it character. Great product!


    Great for fiberglass

    I have a little, brown fiberglass fly rod from way back. I really love this rod of mine. My kid broke my old reel, so I needed a new one. This just looked the part, so I tried it without ever holding one. Damn...way better than I hoped. Very well finished and the sound it perfect. If you need a classic trout reel for your classic trout rod, this is it.


    Small Stream Reel

    I fish usually in small streams and I‘m well aware how important it is to be accurate and balanced. I wanted a two to four weight fly reel. Leland Golden Trout Fly Reel was recommended by a friend who had already used it and was in all admiration for the product. After using it, I just can’t stop admiring it. It is lightweight and the performance it delivers is outstanding. It’s simple, dependable and easily convertible from right to left hand wind. What’s more it helps you catch more fish . . . I think! Must confess I’m in love with this product.


    Great Trout Reel

    I love this reel! I put it on my 2 wt fiberglass rod and it is perfect! I lvoe the sound and the design. It is simple yet well made.


    Vintage Golden Trout Fly Reel - Leland Reel Co

    When I mean fly fishing as a playful, peaceful pastime with the small trout at one of the small streams in my neighborhood, the Sierra Nevada Golden Trout fly reel is my preferred accessory that rightfully complements the classic bamboo fly rod I use. The golden color gives the reel its elegant look and I feel proud to flaunt it in front of others in social situations such as fly fishing picnics. The reel has a heavy-duty finish and the drag is fully efficient throughout its range. I own one of those contemporary graphite rods as well and I can use it with this fly reel with maximum convenience. It has a fancy look, but it’s hardy as well, so I can use it safely for my weekend entertainment.


    Vintage Golden Trout Fly Reel- good one!

    I have seen my friends using the good-looking trout fly reel and I could feel the pleasure they got while using it. Words such as “great drag”, “exceptional quality” motivated me to try it out myself. I have been using reels that are priced between $30 and $60 and so the price was a major concern for me in the beginning. Anyways, this time, I wanted to experiment with a high quality reel and find out why my friends opted for this reel during their pleasure fly fishing trips. I tried it out for the first time on one of the small trout streams in my locality and I could feel the pleasure which my friends talked about. The actual pleasure was in its ease of use. The spools are easy to change from left to right and the time-honored click-pawl drag works well too. And my first experience with it was not only about the “feel”, but also about the results. Even with my playful attempts, I was able to hook brookies not once, but quite a number of times.


    I own a Sierra Nevada Golden Trout fly reel

    I own a Sierra Nevada Golden Trout fly reel and a month ago, I bought my son a new piece knowing that he was highly impressed with its metallic appeal. He is new to the sport and so I was not sure how well he could use this premium category fly reel. I knew that the reel was durable, but had a doubt whether it could withstand the experimental efforts of a novice. To my surprise, I found that my son had learnt to adapt to it very easily. When asked, he mentioned that it was the uncomplicated design that made things easy for him. The standard arbor design allowed for plenty of capacity and most importantly, my son could practice casting techniques. He is still learning and it does not take more than a rod, reel, tippet, a few dry flies, and some free-time to learn the tricks of hooking trout and using sophisticated equipments as well.


    Vintage Golden Trout Fly Reel

    When I saw the Sierra Nevada Golden Trout fly reel at the Leland Fly Shop, I fell for its looks and decided to buy one. But it was George who introduced me to the actual functionality of the equipment. George has been a long-time user of this fly reel and so a training session with him worked to justify my purchase decision. He took me to a small stream and asked me to use this reel with a fly line of size 3. I felt that the reel was very light and it worked very well with my bamboo fly rod. The drag functioned very well within its range and had clear, positive clicks. I could successfully combine rod and reel action to get the Elk Hair Caddis to the desired spots. Thanks to George for letting me know about the great performance this reel offers. Otherwise, I would have used it as a delicate showpiece for my living room.


    Vintage Golden Trout Fly Reel- A Fly fisherman

    As a passionate fly fisherman who loves to experiment with fly fishing techniques, I prefer to keep a set of fly lines, reels, flies, and rods and use them in various combinations with each other. This time, the Sierra Nevada Golden Trout fly reel caught my attention and I thought how best I could use it with my existing fly fishing set. Luckily, the reel worked well with my bamboo, glass, and graphite fly rods and with 2-4 line sizes. I like its smooth, solid finish and the way the spool snaps in and out. The drag is smooth, has positive clicks and to be very honest, it produces an awesome feeling during reeling or stripping. I admit that the price is worth the performance and it’s the outcome and overall experience which will differentiate it from cheap reels that promise to deliver similar effects. This is for real.


    Bamboo Compatible

    I love vintage tackle but hate buying online because you never know what you might end up with. This reel although not vintage has everything an angler wants and needs for mounting on cane. A little weight, great looks, nice drag tone, and so far it seems stronger than the older machined reels even though I'm going to baby this reel. ~Harold B. Erie, PA


    ebayer from Norway

    Btw, I have also a Leland Golden Trout reel in my collection. Last years biggest brown trout on a dry fly, was caught on a Z-Axis 390 with the Golden Trout reel. Perfect:) Thank you, Leland ffo!