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    Hatch Finatic 1+ Reel, Clear/Black

    Item: H1P-CBK-MA
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $350.00
    Special Price: $350.00
    Hatch Finatic 1+ Fly Fishing Reel

    • Weighing 2 ounces less than Hatch's 3+ model, the Hatch Finatic 1+
      Fly Fishing Reel balances your most delicate trout rods with 2.8 ounces
      of machined aluminum beauty. Dedicated to fly anglers who seek out the
      treasures found in spring creeks and high mountain streams, the Hatch
      Finatic 1+ Fly Fishing Reel works best when paired with 0-2 weight fly
    • We're talking small. You might even use one these Hatch Finatic 1+ Fly
      Fishing Reels as a key chain. Hatch had never considered a fly fishing
      reel of this size since we very rarely fish with 0 to 2 weight fly rods.
      However, our minds changed when we had so many requests. How could we
      refuse? So for all you creeky anglers who love the little stuff, the
      Hatch Finatic 1+ Fly Fishing Reel is for you.

      Hatch Finatic 1+ Fly Fishing Reel

      • Body: Finatic
      • Weight: 2.8 oz
      • Spool Diameter: 2.9"
      • Spool Width" .85"
      • Line Weights: 0-2
      • Protection: Type 2 Anodize