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Celebrate the Cast

New to Fly Fishing?

The Leland Ranch was built for you. Here in Sonoma, we celebrate this great sport, by sharing our passion with others, like yourself. We can think of nothing better than helping you understand how to efficiently form a loop and control your fly line to subtly land your fly exactly where you want it. Our goal is to put you in the magical fly fishing photograph that's buried deep in your mind. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence to head out into Nature's beauty with a grand excuse to be there. Our goal is to aid you in collecting truly memorable fly fishing experiences that will last a lifetime.

We do this in an enjoyable atmosphere, by sharing with you just the right amount of necessary information (principles) to give you the knowledge (confidence) to one day jump into a drift boat with a guide or to just head out there by yourself, feeling prepared to fish the places you've always dreamed about. You can do this and we're here to put you in your own beautiful fly fishing photograph. It's time you started fly fishing.

Already Fly Fish?

The Leland Ranch was built for you, too. You already can catch fish on a fly rod, and that's great...but what if we could help you catch even more and bigger fish? Interested? We'll give you the gifts of efficient fly line control and increased distance. Whether you're fly casting in the salt or two-hand casting on a broad river, we're ready to help catch you more fish. With the right principles and a balanced outfit, you'll be able to cast in situations that other anglers deem impossible. You'll be able to cast to fish, that to other anglers, don't exist...and you'll be able to naturally fish your flies in waters that other anglers can't fish.

We call this concept, “private water.” The secret is, private water already exists on every public river or stream you've ever fished. To unlock this secret water, you just need the right casting principles and we've got them here on the ranch awaiting your visit. You'll soon be on your way to becoming the best fly caster you know. Believe us, your angling buddies will notice...and so will you. Better yet, when you can cast in places other anglers can't...you'll catch more and bigger fish than you ever thought possible.

Been fly fishing most of your life?

Yup, the Leland Ranch was built for you, as well. World-class fly fishing photographer, Val Atkinson, has a unique talent for capturing on film, the magical moment of the perfect fly cast, which is the ultimate celebration (and defining attribute) of our sport. As Val sees it, the beauty of a perfect cast should be shared with others. World-class angler Goran Andersson celebrates the magic moment, when a perfect cast results with an earned fish.  As he sees it, this type of experience approaches perfection. It's these inevitable truths, exposed by Val and Goran, that eventually become the end goal of our sport and we're here to share them with you.

We understand you...you've been there and done that. From Atlantic Salmon to Billfish, you've got a grand slam under your belt and you've even caught a steelhead on a skated fly. We're sure you've already made a perfect cast and probably earned a fish or two. We know you still remember that magic moment, when everything came together as it should...perfection! What if we could show you how to do that every time you fish, because now your every cast is efficient, controlled, accurate and subtle? Well, we can and we'll share with you the knowledge collected from true, master-anglers from around the world. With this, we'll add even more enjoyment to the sport that you already love. This we promise.

At Leland, we are students of fly casting. We study our sport, the cast, the equipment and the resulting experiences. We're always looking for ways to make fly fishing, casting and catching more enjoyable and memorable for you. If you too like learning, bettering your craft and collecting valuable memories that last a lifetime, it's time for you to visit us at the Leland Ranch in Sonoma. You won't regret it.

Questions & Inquiries

Phone: 415-781-3474

Email: burke@lelandfly.com