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    I Know Bill Schaadt - Portrait of a Fly Fishing Legend - Hardcover

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    Rivers of a Lost Coast is a new documentary that looks at our relationship to nature through the eyes of the most fabled angling community in American history. This surprisingly touching film was recently labeled a must see by the San Francisco Chronicle and Seattle Times.

    I Know Bill Schaadt - Portrait of a Fly Fishing Legend - Hardcover:

    If you haven't seen the film, "River's of a Lost Coast" then please do. We carry it here. If you have, you know the name Bill Schaadt and you probably thought he was a fishy guy, "I'd like to learn more". "I know Bill Schaadt - Portrait of a Fly Fishing Legend" covers Bill's angling career, told by 30 of his close friends with 195 pages and nearly 100 photos from his time on the water. If have any interest in steelhead, Northern California, or fly fishing in general this book deserves your attention.

    On my bookshelf

    I wasn't old enough to know Bill personally, but I always heard stories about a crazy guy that knew every rock in the rivers of California's north coast. This book tells the rest of the stories. Grret read for any angler. If you think you're a die hard fly angler...you might think again after reading this great book. It's like nothing you've read before.



    When I caught wind this book was coming out I was over the moon. I was a young man during the time of Bill Schaadt and the others, but did hear stories. This book brings me back to that time and those stories. The attention to detail and accounts are impressive as well as the wonderful pictures and imagery. Thanks to Ben Taylor for making this happen!



    For the Shaadt book I've been reading it. Fabulous.