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    Scott SC Bamboo & Leland Brass Spring Creek Package

    Item: Scott-SC-Bamboo-Out-6533
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $3,047.00
    Special Price: $3,047.00

    Bamboo spring creek trout fishing

    • Nothing...nothing speaks more to the true essence of fly fishing than using a finely crafted bamboo fly rod while pursuing trout in a spring creek! It's not about performance, high-line-speed or distance. Instead, it's more a mindset of peace with yourself and your surroundings. Bamboo is just a fast growing member of the grass family, yet when dried, split and crafted into a fine bamboo fly rod is like gold to your soul.  A well-designed bamboo fly rod has a soul and a casting tempo and flavor that is unlike anything else in our sport.  And when it all comes together with a fine cast and a catch, the world is right...for once. 
    • At Leland, we know this and want to share this experience properly with you.  To do this, we chose Scott's SC 6'5" #3 bamboo fly rod.  It's not only a joy to cast, it's an exceptional fishing tool...controlled distance, accuracy and the most subtle fly presentations possible.  But a bamboo fly rod with the wrong fly line is missing something, that's why we took care of you properly with a custom fly line from Airflo which is perfectly suited for the unique action of a bamboo fly rod.  We've stored this line on a fly reel sure to start stream side conversations.  It's the Leland Sierra Nevada Golden Trout fly reel.  It looks the part with it's unique color and shape.  Although this reel looks like one you might find in your grandfather's garage, we assure you is crafted from the finest contemporary materials and with technically advance manufacturing processes.  We won't try to wow you with any performance features, because there really aren't any.  But it will perform as intended.  When you cast and fish this outfit, you'll notice what we've done...optimized all parts to work together and compliment one another.  Treat yourself to a real fly fishing experience.
    Bamboo spring creek trout outfit
    • Fly Rod: Scott SC 365-3
    • Fly Line: Airflo Custom 3 weight
    • Fly Reel: Leland Sierra Nevada Golden Trout
    • Hatch Premium Braided Backing
    • Tapered Leader
    This outfit comes professionally rigged and ready to fish, including backing and a tapered leader.

    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Best 5 wt Outfit 2/28/2013 12:05 pm Balance is the key to this rod. It cast so effortlessly and feel great in hand. I have been fishing this rod outfit in Colorodo and montana. I am thinking about the 486-4 Dry Fly Outfit next! Thank you Red Truck!
    WOW 2/28/2013 8:56 am I bought one of these at the pleasanton fishing show after the guys at Red Truck help me choose the right rod for my waters. I must say that I am completly blown away by how easy this rod is to cast, mend and fight fish. It is truely perfectly balanced. The Rod looks great and has a great handle. It also comes with a "spare tire", an extra tip, which is brilliant. Never been so happy with a fly rod outift before. The benifits of having the a balanced outfit far surpassed my expectations.