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Bamboo & Glass Fly Rods

Bamboo & Glass Fly Rods

On one side of the paper there are physics and facts, quantifiable numbers relevant to more efficient casts and higher peformance. On the other side of the paper are opinions and "likes." If you like the slower action and relaxed pace provided by a finely crafted bamboo or fiberglass fly rod...then you just plain know what you like in life...and that's a good thing. If you want to make memorable moments while you fly fish, nothing comes close to fishing like your grandfather did...with bamboo or fiberglass. Below are fly rods worthy of your time and consideration.
Few people involved in the sport of fly fishing would dispute the aesthetic virtues of bamboo fly rods. The average split-cane rod takes almost a year to build, and is usually kept by its original owner for decades. Moreover, bamboo fly rods typically are held within families for multiple generations. As true works of art, these fishing artifacts are well-enshrined pieces of fly fishing’s history. But they are not designed merely as heirlooms. They are, first and foremost, fishing tools of uncommon precision and finesse.

There's nothing in the fly fishing world that says "relax" better than bamboo! You can use any adjective that you wish; "old school", "throw-back", "timeless beauty", but you'll still get back to "relax". If you have the need to escape the fast paced world of today's workday pressures and the speed of "modern" rod materials, then reach for a bamboo fly rod. From the moment you begin casting, your heart rate will lower about 20 beats per minute and blood pressure will fall below normal. There's nothing more relaxing than dry fly fishing with bamboo; that is, until you hook up!

Don't think these rods are your grandparent's fly rods of old, because they're not! Today's bamboo fly rods are made of the finest select quality bamboo, space-age adhesives, and are artistically crafted, making these rods extremely lightweight, beautiful to behold, and highly functional. Modern rod component manufacturing has brought lighter-weight and more durable guides, reels seats and rod finishes. The meticulous bamboo fly rod maker of today, while ever more the hand-craftsman, has modern materials and tools to make these bamboo rods more than just things of beauty. They are wonderfully responsive fishing tools. If you haven't experienced casting, fishing or owning a fine bamboo fly rod, we at Leland can help you on your journey, from small spring creeks to spey rivers. Bamboo fly rods have experienced a recent renaissance in the fly fishing community and we at Leland are proud to offer a wide selection of bamboo fly rods from amongst the world's finest makers.


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