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    Wulff Triangle Taper: Small Stream, Olive, 4wt

    Item: 4474
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    Price: $59.95
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    Leland on the Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Fishing Line

    The Wulff Triangle Taper is the perfect taper for
    delicate presentation. As your loop unfurls during a roll cast or even
    a traditional overhead cast the triangle or cone shaped head taper
    continously provides heavier thicker line turning over lighter thinner
    line. Because the progression of weight in the forward taper, the front
    section of the line is lighter and lands gently on the water giving a
    gentle delicate presentation. Designed for bamboo, of course, it was
    designed by Lee Wulff, for gentle presentations and a fly line that
    helps control itself! A fly line that is easy to cast on both bamboo,
    fiberglass and softer action graphite. If you haven't fished
    the Catskill Mountians in NY you just gotta, history and tradition, but
    don't go without the Wulff Triangle Taper fly line!
    • Fly Line Density: Floating
    • Fly Line Taper: Weight Forward Triangle Taper
    • Head Taper Length: 36' for 3-5 weights
    • Core: Braid Multifilament
    • Outer Coating: J-3
    • Total Line Length: 90 feet
    • Line Weights: 3- through 5-weight
    • Color: Olive
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