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    Red Truck, Nymph Fly Line, 5wt

    Item: Red Truck Nymph WF5F
    Colors Available:
    Sizes Available:
    Availability: In Stock Ready to Fish. Ships Next Business Day.
    Price: $59.95
    Special Price: $39.95

    Red Truck Nymph Fly Line, 5wt

    Let's face it. Taking your fly offering down deep and nearer to your fish will greatly increase your catch rate. To do this, you'll be casting weighted flies, maybe adding additional weight and probably using a strike indicator. What does this mean to your casting? It means, you better have a fly line designed to support and efficiently deliver this heavier rig on target. Good news...we've got one for you.

    The Leland New Zealand Nymph fly line was designed specifically to make casting heavier nymph rigs more enjoyable and functional. To do this, we shortened and steepened our line's front taper and extended the rear taper. The result are easy casts and effortless mends...and more fish!

    Stop slinging your nymph rigs and start casting them with ease and accuracy. Get our Leland New Zealand Nymph fly line. Better yet, put this great casting nymph line on our Leland Rod Co. New Zealand Nymph fly rod and you'll really discover how easy it can be to cast a heavy nymph rig.