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    Leland, Sierra Nevada - Backpacker Fly Line, 4wt

    Item: Leland SN WF4F
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    Price: $59.95
    Special Price: $59.95

    Leland Sierra Nevada Backpacker Fly Line 4wt

    The angling world is full of many known, larger and well-visited trout rivers, like the Madison, Yellowstone and the Gallatin. The list is long. However, there's even a longer list of wonderful trout filled waters often overlooked and they come in the form of small streams. These often-nameless streams exist in just about every state in the nation and many anglers drive right over them on the way to the bigger name waters.

    At Leland, we celebrate small stream trout fishing. We enjoy the intimacy these waters provide, the challenging casts and the wild fish that inhabit them. Smaller trout streams are unique in their own form and require a specific fly line. Tighter-quarter casting requests a line with a shorter head length. Smaller pockets and pools require a fly line with an accurate taper. And varying fly patterns mean the proper fly line for small stream trout fishing must be able to carry a larger, fluffy dry fly, yet still deliver a smaller fly with delicacy.

    Our Leland Sierra Nevada Backpacker Fly Line was designed specifically for the smaller back country trout streams and to compliment the efficient casting action of our Leland Rod Co. Sierra Nevada series fly rods. With the right fly line for small stream trout fishing, the world just seems right.

    • Line Weights: 1-weight & 4-weight
    • Loops: Front and Back
    • Type of Taper: Weight Forward Floating
    • Head Length: 46’ to 50’
    • Total Length: 90-100 ft
    • Core: Braided multifilament nylon
    • Coating: Super Floatation Technologies
    • Color: Moss head with Gold running line
    Reviewer Title Date Comments Rating
    Small Stream Fly Line 3/6/2014 12:30 pm Leland products are something I look up to. I have tried several of their fishing rods and was always satisfied with them. So this time I thought I will try their Sierra Nevada Backpacker Fly Line, which is specially tailored for small streams. And I must again confirm my love and faith in Leland products. Fishing with this line gives a high of its own – the line helped me make some challenging casts and capture some of the best trout I have had to date. The head length of the line is short and the taper accurate: two very important things needed in small stream fishing. It is the attention paid to these minor details that impressed me the most. You guys do have a thorough knowledge of small stream trout fishing.