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Red Truck Diesel 5 wt 9ft Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 590-4
Featuring the easiest action you'll ever cast. This rod is delicate enough to handle dries and the power to cast indicators.
desc::Featuring the easiest action you'll ever cast. This rod is delicate enough to handle dries and the power to cast indicators.
Name::Red Truck Diesel 5 wt 9ft Fly Rod, 4 Piece, 590-4
Rod Weight::5 Weight
Rod Length::9 Foot
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::Tip-Curve
Brand::Red Truck Fly Fishing
Rod Type::Freshwater
Primary Color::Grey
Line Weight::

All Purpose Trout Fishing Fly Rod:

Trout on your mind? Camping, campfires, casting dries, streamside lunches, cool mornings, and warm days... What’s not to love?

The 9ft 5wt is your all round trout solution, the one best answer for fishing for trout anywhere. From the emerald green waters of the McCloud River to The Lower Yuba River the Red Truck Balanced All Purpose Outfit is your do-it-all solution. In one day of trout fishing an angler can use multiple techniques. A day on the McCloud River can start with fishing dries during the morning hatch, an indicator nymph rig during the heat of the day, a hopper dropper rig as it cools off, and finally streamers for big browns at dusk. You could certainly carry a dry fly outfit, a nymph outfit, and streamer outfit or you can take one outfit designed to excel in all of these situations.

The Red Truck Diesel “All Purpose Trout” Fly Rod: Our most versatile trout rod, 9 foot 5 weight, this rod is your one answer to trout fishing anywhere. Built, designed, and balanced by avid trout fisherman for any situation.

·A great rod starts with the grip. Red Trucks full wells grip is not only ergonomic but enhances feel and efficiency of casting and fishing. Built with top quality cork.

·Matte finished reducing rod glare, Reflection on the water caused from shiny rods, which can spook fish.

·Sanded and precision fit ferules, where the rod pieces come together, allow for repairs in just 3 days and eliminates the need for you to ship the entire rod back to us.

·Effortlessly present dry flies on long leaders to rising trout.

·Mend and roll cast indicator rigs using the rods powerful mid-section.

·Hand made with incredible craftsmanship and premium components.

Recommended Reel: A perfect match for the Red Truck All Purpose Trout fly rod is our Red Truck Diesel Fly Reel. Taking notes from the reels our grandfathers used this reel is durable, simple, and elegant.

·The click and pawl drag system provides perfect amount of tension to protect light tippet and fight fish.

·Machined from solid bar stock aluminum this reel will be appreciated for generations to come.

·Whether you are pulling off line or hooked up on a fish this reel screams fly fishing.

The Recommended Fly Line:  This outfit comes balanced with a weight forward 5wt. This line enhances the feel and performance of your outfit.

·No stretch design allows for efficient casting and hook sets.

·Made out of Polyurethane which is incredibly durable and can withstand exposure to sunscreen, gas and diesel. All other fly lines are made from PVC which horrible for the environment.

·Designed in a natural color to avoid spooking fish in clear water.  

·Versatile taper that excels when fishing with dry flies, indicator nymph rigs, streamer rigs, and hopper dropper rigs.

When you put this all together you have an outfit that is incredibly easy to fish, mend, and cast. This outfit comes fully rigged, ready to fish, and includes an extra tip. If you are purchasing your first trout rod or looking to experience a truly balanced outfit the Red Truck All Purpose Outfit is the perfect choice.

  • Line Size: 5 wt
  • Rod Length: 9'
  • Sections: 4
  • Weight: 3 oz.
  • Handle: Modified Western Grip
  • Cork: Hand selected premium cork
  • Reel Seat: Double Uplocking Gunsmoke Anodized Machined Aluminumn
  • Reel Seat Spacer: Maple Burl
  • Action: Fast
sku::Diesel 590-4 Rod
Fly Category::
Fly Stage::
Fly Tying::
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