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Tibor Quick Change Fly Reel Review
Name::Tibor Quick Change Fly Reel Review
Rod Weight::
Rod Length::
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::
Rod Type::
Primary Color::
Line Weight::

Tibor QuickChange Fly Fishing Reels


  • All internal parts sealed from outside elements.
  • Quick retrieve, large outer and hub spool diameters
  • Hard coated aluminum main gear
  • Main gear and spool rotate on three sealed precision, stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Impregnated cork drag disc
  • Open hubbed, perforated spool and drum
  • Detented drag adjustment
  • Triple outgoing line signals, easily removable for silent operation.
  • Each reel serialized for identification and protection.
  • Personalized name plate with free engraving
  • Reel foot incorporates hook keeper and spare clutch dog springs.
  • Thick neoprene case for storage and transportation included.
  • Made and assembled in the U.S.A
  • Standard colors: Jet Black or Satin Gold


What’s the word....?

Based on the numbers, you wouldn’t get much
argument that fully machined, drawbar drag, cork disk drag fly fishing
reels top the charts for rugged functionality and reliability amongst
salt water fishermen. And when it comes down to the two acknowledged
best reels in this department, you’re looking at either an Abel or a Tibor (pronounced TEE-bor) Fly Reel. Between them, they account for more saltwater fly caught world record fish than just about all the others combined.

Now, Abel and Tibor
are both outstanding reels, with similar design features, yet
proponents of each will argue the merits of their favorite until they’re
blue in the face. However, that argument aside, the one area where
drawbar drag reels typically
fall short is when it comes time to changing spools to quickly use
different fly lines. Because of their elegantly simple overall
construction, draw bar reels usually require an inconvenient disassembly
of several loose parts to remove and replace the spool. This doesn’t
pose much of a problem sitting at home at your work bench, but
attempting this task in a rocking boat or on a coral reef flat can be an
invitation to disaster, with potential lost or misaligned parts
occurring during your trip of a lifetime.

Many anglers, who use different setups during
the course of a fishing day, address this problem by purchasing a
separate drawbar fly reel for each type of line they need, never having
to change spools. This can get a little expensive for some of us, as
spool prices are typically less than half the cost of the complete reel,
the larger sizes of which can venture above the $900 mark. Plus, you
have to lug the weight and bulk of all the extra reel frames to wherever
you’re fishing. This can be somewhat easier on a boat, but not as
practical when walking the shore or wading the flats.

The Tibor QuickChange Fly Fishing Reels expand
your options in quality, cork, drawbar drag fly reels. Available in
four sizes, to fit a range of line weights and fly rods from 7 to 15,
these ‘QC’ Tibor Reels offer, essentially, the same quality and
features as the exquisite standard Tibor Fly Reels, yet easily change
spools in seconds with only a single moving part, the stainless steel
end cap; nothing to remove, no loose parts, and no tricky threading

A Little History...

Tibor ‘Ted’ Juracsik, founder and owner of Tibor
Reel Corporation, has been making rugged, high quality fly fishing reels
in the United States for over 30 years. Born in Budapest, Hungary,
where much of his youth was spent fishing on the Danube River, Ted, at
17 years of age, became the youngest Hungarian ever to earn his Master
papers in the tool and die trade. His bio tells a compelling story;

joined the Hungarian Freedom Fighters in their unsuccessful revolt
against Soviet rule in the 50’s, and was forced to flee his native land.
Eventually, he immigrated to the United States and established his own
tool and die business in New York State in 1959, where in the waters off
Long Island, he also resumed his interest
in fishing. In 1970, Ted met Billy Pate on a trip to the Florida Keys.
The two became fishing buddies and Pate shared with Ted the problems
inherent in the saltwater reels of the time — corrosion, the uneven
action of early drag systems, and simply being overmatched by the power
and "reel smoking" runs of larger saltwater prey. Back at his shop,
Juracsik applied his tool and die making skills to these challenges.
After testing several prototypes, the Billy Pate Fly Reel was introduced
and instantly established new standards of quality, design, and
durability for saltwater fly reels. The design has proven so sound, that
nothing has changed since its inception. Billy Pate Reels are
manufactured by the Tibor Reel Corporation to this day. In 1979,
Juracsik moved his manufacturing operations to South Florida, where he
also maintains a smaller machine shop devoted to research and

In 1995, Ted introduced his Tibor Series of big game fly reels, which became an instant success, and, again, in 2004, the new QC Tibor Reel Series set a new standard for convenient spool changes with a rugged, drawbar drag reel.

Fit and Finish...

Tibor says that their reels are made "by
fishermen for fishermen" and if you’ve spent any time fly fishing in
Florida, you’ve probably seen Tibor Fly Reels in just about every
professional guide’s boat. That simply says a lot about Tibor
reliability; even though avid saltwater fisherman travel the world,
Florida is still the Mecca for some of the largest tarpon, bonefish, and
other salt species on the planet, and when it comes to tackle, you’ll
also find the pickiest guides and clients. I’ve heard that Andy Mill,
former U.S ski racer and Olympian, now uses a Pacific QuickChange Fly
Reel to battle giant tarpon, and he’s won the most prestigious tarpon
tournament in the world, the Gold Cup, five times. In 2007, at the
International Game Fish Association (IGFA) World Record Achievement
Awards, Tibor Reel Corporation received First Place honors for the most
world records set on their fly reels.

Every part (except
the ball bearings sets) of the Tibor QuickChange Fly Reel is machined
and hand assembled in Tibor’s Delray Beach facility. Ted believes in
design simplicity and he says "The old masters always told me the most beautiful
machines have the least moving parts." This holds true for the Tibor
QC, where aerospace aluminum with a rock hard anodized finish, comprises
the main parts; frame, spool, and hub. The hub is of special interest,
as this extra part is what allows spools to interchange easily on the QC
reels. In this design, the hub replaces the spool as the drag surface
that contacts the cork covered drag disk, providing friction, and
dissipating heat when a big fish takes off. The QC spool simply drops
over the top of the hub with a close tolerance fit and secures firmly
with its threaded stainless end cap. Since the hub on a QC provides near
identical drag properties against the cork as the spool back on a
Standard Tibor, the result is the same silky-smooth drag of a Tibor. The
only downside is about an extra ounce of overall weight, and an
additional $100 above that of a Standard Tibor Reel.

Tibor QC Models

Everglades QC Fly Reel
Weight: 9.5 oz.
Frame size: 3 ¾” x 1 3/8”
For line sizes: 7, 8, 9
Backing capacity; 200 yds 20lb Dacron + WF8F

Riptide QC Fly Reel
Weight: 10.5 oz.
Frame size: 4” x 1 1/2”
For line sizes: 9, 10, 11
Backing capacity; 200 yds 30lb Dacron + WF10F

Gulfstream QC Fly Reel
Weight: 12.5 oz.
Frame size: 4 3/8” x 1 3/4”
For line sizes: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Backing capacity; 300 yds 30lb Dacron + WF12F

Pacific QC Fly Reel
Weight: 14.5 oz.
Frame size: 5 1/16” x 1 7/8”
For line sizes: 13, 14, 15
Backing capacity; 600 yds 30lb Dacron + WF14S

Also available with extra large arbor Spool2 for faster line retrieval.
(For Riptide, Gulfstream, and Pacific models only.)


The Tibor QCs have been around the block long
enough to have proven themselves, just like all the other Tibor Reel
Series. It’s very rare to have a Tibor Reel fail, and with minimal care,
it should last a lifetime of tough fly fishing. But since the Sea is a
harsh mistress, I never can say never, so here’s what Tibor says about
the warranty on their QC Fly Reels;

“All Tibor Reel products
carry a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the repair or
replacement of any part due to defect in material or workmanship. Colors
may vary between original and replacement parts. Parts for discontinued
models may be replaced with parts for current models. Warranty is valid
for original owner only and is not transferable. Warranty is effective
only for reels purchased through an Authorized Tibor Dealer. Tibor Reel
Corporation, at its sole discretion, will determine if the product is
covered under this warranty due to faulty workmanship. This warranty
does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, improper
maintenance or normal wear and tear caused by use of the reel over time.
For repairs not covered by the warranty, a quotation will be forwarded
for approval before repairs proceed. All reels sent in for service
should include $25 for return shipping and handling. Please remove all
line and backing before returning your reel for service or repair. Tibor
Reel Corporation cannot be responsible for lost or damaged line and

Overall Rating -- 4 ½ out of 5 Stars

Those that travel to salt water destinations usually
spend quite a bit of money on airfare, lodging, and guides. With that
in mind, it’s a bad idea scrimping on fly reels, or other tackle, for
that matter, that have to withstand the abuse of your trip, and,
hopefully, many trips to come. Expect to spend, at minimum, $400, for a
serviceable intermediate quality # 10 weight reel. A similar size, high
quality big game drawbar drag reel like the Tibor QC Riptide is
almost double that, at $757. Worth it? Well, assuming you’re going
primarily for the fly fishing, my vote would be an emphatic “yes”! If
you want cork disk drag, drawbar performance with quick change spool
capabilities, the Tibor QC is the only game in town.


The best of both worlds; legendary Tibor world
record big game performance with a large surface area cork disc/draw bar
drag, and a unique QuickChange design that allows rapid spool changes
at sea with a single moving/ attached part. Reel disassembles for
cleaning with only a penny. Available in 4 sizes.


The QuickChange feature adds about an ounce in weight, and about an extra $100, over the respective models of Standard Tibor Reels.

Bottom Line

Since just about every guide in Florida has them
in their boats, you simply can’t go wrong with a Tibor Fly Reel for
rugged dependability when it counts. The Tibor QuickChanges are the only
drawbar drag reels, to my knowledge, that let you confidently change
spools during the action without fear of dropped or lost parts.
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Hatch Outdoors 9 Plus Fly Reel Review
Name::Hatch Outdoors 9 Plus Fly Reel Review
Rod Weight::
Rod Length::
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::
Rod Type::
Primary Color::
Line Weight::


Hatch: 9 Plus Fly Reel


  • Weight: 11.0 oz 
  • Spool Diameter: 4.25inches 
  • Spool Width: 1.375 inches 
  • Mid Arbor Spool: Line + Yards of Backing: 9 + 450 30# 10 + 400 30#, 11 + 375 30# 
  • Large Arbor Spool: Line + Yards of Backing: 9 + 300 30# 10 + 250 30#, 11 + 200 30# 
  • Retail Price: $725.00


What’s the word…

When we first met John and Danny of Hatch Outdoors several years back, we thought they were truly on to something good. Hatch engineering was right on the money, but our biggest issue was that they just didn’t have a full suite of fly reels in their lineup, (as in “bigger” reels). We went ahead and brought in the 3 Plus, 5 Plus and the 7 Plus with the anticipation that a 9 to 12 weight reel would some be on the way. Well, enter the Hatch 9 Plus and, now, we can’t get enough! These reels have all proven to be wonderful reels with powerful, smooth drags and we wouldn’t expect anything different from the 9 Plus. From the initial stripping of fly line from the 9 Plus, I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be disappointed. The big question; could this drag hold up against big fish?


Cutting edge design, impeccable machining and powerful drag is how I would describe the Hatch 9 Plus fly reel. Alternating stacks of stainless steel and Rulon® discs are the foundation for this reel drag and along with stainless one-way bearing, gives you big fish stopping power and protection.

When you decide to enter the flooded fly reel arena, you better know what you’re doing. And when you enter the field of fly reel manufacturing, you better have something different, and better, that works, but without varying too far off the path. Welcome to Hatch Fly Fishing Reels. These reels are truly stylish looking without pushing over the edge, and with innovative ideas like an integrated reel foot that is machined as part of the frame,( no oxidizing foot screws here!) and a truly, fully sealed drag and bearing system, these Hatch reels are taking names and kicking fanny.

To reach this level of design with minimal weight, Hatch engineers applied a dimensional type spoke frame instead of the traditional flat, thick spokes. This allowed them to reduce the number of spokes, while increasing the look (“coolness”) of the reel, and increasing frame integrity.

The reel handle and counterbalance are perfectly trued, so the reel spins cavitation free, preventing uneven force distribution during a wild run. Hatch employs Type II anodization and polishes only the areas of the reel that come in contact with the fly line, thus providing protection while eliminating reel bright “flash” that can alert potential prey..

The 9 Plus is designed with two spools of different arbors depths, a mid arbor for 11 and 12 weight lines and a large arbor for 9 and 10 weight lines.

To top it all off the reels come with a neoprene pouch in a really cool, collectible tin.


Aluminum, what else? No, just kidding, but yes, the Hatch reels are machined from the highest grade bar stock aluminum. This means that each and every aluminum piece of this fly reel is cut from a solid block of aerospace grade metal.. There is no casting or pressing to create anything on these fly reels. This adds to the reel’s integrity and strength.

The sealed drag system contains a precisely calculated size and number of Rulon® and stainless steel discs. This sizing and numbering has to do with the engineering for the Effective Braking Surface area. Basically, the correct number and size of discs is dictated by the amount of drag needed for each size fly reel; the 9 Plus has eleven discs, 6 Rulon® and 5 stainless. That gives you 10 effective interactive drag surfaces, and a larger contact surface area than most single, large flat surfaces.

The one-way roller bearings are stainless steel and even though they never see any water, are non-corrosive and do not need lubrication.

Fit and Finish…

The 9 Plus has a stylishly raked spoke frame which gives the fly reel its cutting edge looks while adding strength and integrity. Each reel has a clear, unpolished anodized finish providing the reel a dull aluminum color, although black is also available. All Hatch reels are accented with a matching color logo, model and size names, thin striping on the handle and counterbalance, and as a final touch, the drag cap is colored to match, too.

Sealed drag of 11 stacked Rulon® and stainless steel disc washers
Fully Machined and Type II anodized aluminum
Stainless steel roller bearings
Made in USA 


Reliability, Durability and Customer Support …

Relatively new to the fly fishing industry, Hatch fly reels are quickly becoming one our most popular brands. Their design and engineering is second to none and this is evident by the lack of returned reels. There have been very few reels brought back , with the largest issue being adjustment range of the Hatch drag. Some customers like a reel that locks down completely, where as the Hatch reels have a slight amount give when tightened all the way down. The guys at Hatch can easily adjust the drag, so it will lock down for you, if you so desire.

Hatch stands behind every reel they manufacture and offer a warranty against any manufacturer’s defects in materials or craftsmanship for the life of the product. Hatch publishes all telephone and email contacts and is available on the web. John and Danny were once outsiders in the fly fishing industry, and were told a whole bunch of “you can’t do that”, so they did it anyway. Anyone that bucks the system better make a good product, because that’s what it all comes down to. Hatch makes a great product.

Overall Rating…

Move over, boys at the top, Hatch Outdoors with the 9 Plus is moving in. This fly reel looks good and it fishes good. I used the 9 Plus on an eleven weight and the reel performed quite well. The mid-arbor spool provided ample backing capacity at over 200 yds of 30# Dacron, the pickup ratio was excellent, and the drag, while performing without a hitch, could have tightened down a tad more for the eighty plus pound tarpon I fought . Several fish were runners, not jumpers, so it was gut check time. However, a quick palm and the fish were stopped! If you’re looking for a change from the traditional, but want a strong fly reel, grab a Hatch 9 Plus. I think you’ll be impressed as I am.


I have been fly fishing the saltwater environs now for more than 15years and grew up with a fishing rod of one type or another in my hands. I have been in the fly fishing industry for more than 10 years and have been lucky enough to be exposed to most of the major manufacturers of fly rods, reels, waders, clothing…I hope this review helps you decide on which products to purchase.

-Richard Montgomery

PROS –A thing of beauty strapped to any fly rod. But beauty is only design-deep, as this is one brute of a fly reel. A series of eleven, alternating, stacked Rulon® and stainless washers is the centerpiece of this big fish, tough fly reel. Two different arbor size spools are available for the frame of the 9 Plus.

CONS – The reel looks so good you may not want to fish with it, but please do. Some people may feel the drag range doesn’t tighten enough. Some anglers like to lock it up, but the 9 Plus is designed to apply just the right amount of pressure to control any big fish.

BOTTOM LINE - The Hatch fly reel is a great looking fly reel that provides a powerful, fully sealed disc drag system. Designed by fly anglers that thought there something missing in the fly industry and set out to fill the void. The result is one fine fly reel.

Check out our selection of Hatch Fly Reels.

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R. L. Winston BIIMX Fly Rod Review
Name::R. L. Winston BIIMX Fly Rod Review
Rod Weight::
Rod Length::
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::
Rod Type::
Primary Color::
Line Weight::

Winston: Boron II-MX 1090-4



  • Line Size: 10 
  • Rod Length: 9’0” 
  • Section: 4 
  • Weight: 4 1/4 oz 
  • Handle: Full Wells, Saltwater grip 
  • Reel Seat: Nickel Anodized Aluminum 
  • Action: Fast 
  • Retail Price: $675.00


What’s the word…


Winston has always been known for its sweet, smooth casting
bamboo and trout fly rods. But a few years back, Winston introduced the
Boron II-X fly rod series, a fast action rod
that broke out of the typical Winston genre. After owning several of
those fly rods, I thought, “Now if Winston could just add a little more
power and a little more speed, they’d have one darn fine saltwater fly
rod”. Low and behold, the Fall of 2007 brought the Boron II-MX series.
Was I a mind reader? No, it was just Winston’s time to shine. They’ve
broken their mold, and entered into the saltwater, big game arena with
the Boron II-MX rods.

Does a fly rod manufacturer of trout fame have any business
making powerful big game fly rods? When they’ve developed the use of a
material as strong as boron, why not? The Boron II-MX is the third
Winston fly rod series to use the Boron II and, in my opinion, is the
best. But then again, I love saltwater fly fishing. I decided I’d give
the 10 weight 9-footer a go while recently tarpon fishing in the Keys.



When you first pick up the Winston Boron II-MX 1090-4, you have
to be impressed. Doing the “shop wiggle” tells you this isn’t the same
old Winston; it feels quick and powerful. Light in hand, fast off the
tip, but then again, not too fast; the Winston Boron II-MX still has
that special feel of a Winston. When I put a line on the rod, it came to
life in my hand. They call it transference of energy; I call it feel or
touch. As I increased line distance, the strength of this rod came
through. It felt like it took the same amount of energy to cast a fly
line70 feet as it did at 30 feet. Somehow, Winston was able to build a
fly rod that has the strength to battle winds, big fish, to carry large
amounts of line while providing one that loads quickly enough for
short-range casts. To put it simply, the Boron II-MX has the best of
both worlds; power with “load-ability”.

Big game fly rods need to be powerful throughout their entire
length for fish fighting ability. They also need to load quickly for
short casting conditions. This became very apparent after a week in the
Keys mired under cloud cover. It’s amazing how camouflaged a dozen
100+lbs fish can be when covered with shadows. I found after casting
this rod over several days at many pods of tarpon, the 1090-4 Boron
II-MX provided the strength to maintain all the line I dared to up in
the air, and generated the line speed for the tight loops needed to turn
over a 6 foot butt section, 4 foot leader and a 1/0 toad fly into 15
knot wind. And after hooking and landing several fish in the 80 lbs
class, I found the 1090-4 Boron II-MX provided me everything I needed
for tarpon fishing.



After several failed attempts at using boron for increasing rod
action and strength, Winston has found the right combination of
placement to give you a fly rod that is destine to be one of the great
saltwater/big game fly rod series. Gone is the floppy tip and
mid-section of the BL5 and gone is telephone pole stiffness of the XTR.
Enter another great fly rod in the modern era of lightweight, powerful
fly rods.

At a weight of 4 ¼ ounces, the Boron II-MX is significantly lighter than
the old XTR, which weighed in at 5 1/2 oz. But what is just as
important is the increased action and feel that the Boron II-MX rods
have over the beastly XTR and floppy BL5.

Fit and Finish…


No fly rod manufacturer builds a more beautiful fly rod than R.L.
Winston, period. Their soft green, sanded blanks are accented with
handwritten model and serial numbers and each section has the serial
number hand written at the ferrule. The matching green wrapping is
perfection and almost disappears under the flawless epoxy job. The
slightly smaller than average grip is of handspun Portuguese cork and
sits easily in most hands. Winston has always known how to bring out the
best of fly rod with just the right type of reel seats and the dull
finished anodized aluminum reel seat adds the final touches to this
great looking fly rod.

  • Boron II technology
  • Lightweight powerful big game fly rod
  • Fast action with smooth casting, whether 30-feet or 80-feet
  • Anodized aluminum reel seat
  • Aluminum tube with a rod sock
  • Original owner lifetime warranty


Reliability and durability…


Many years back, a fly rod company introduced a no-fault full
replacement policy and the rest is history. In my humble opinion, this
“no matter how you break it” full replacement warranty has done to two
things, 1) developed angler complacency in how we treat our equipment
and 2) made the manufacturers develop stronger, abuse taking fly rods.
Modern fly rod materials can be as fragile as the fiberglass and cane of
old, and at $600+ for one rod, it’s hard when it breaks. But we asked
for smoother, lighter fly rods and the manufacturers responded. Be
careful what you ask for! Enough of the rant, Winston’s path to
lightness, smoothness, and strength was through the use of boron. Boron
has always provided strength, but with the use of Boron II technology,
Winston has been able to dramatically decrease the weight while
maintaining strength. After pulling on several large tarpon, I found the
1090-4 Boron II-MX had the power and strength needed to quickly subdue
the fish and put an end to the fight. I never once felt concerned with
breakage. Of course, I knew if I made a mistake and something did
happen; there was the original owner full warranty to back me up!

Customer Service…Company Profile


Winston is a San Francisco tradition; Winston started here, and
it grew and prospered here, so it has warm place in our hearts. The
company has passed through the hands of some great fly rod builders and
is now under the control of David Ondaatje, who intends to maintain the
deep Winston tradition of providing phenomenal casting and fishing fly
rods. Through the guise of David, the company has developed the use of
Boron II that has taken Winston to the next level in rod design.

Winston prides itself on the craftsmanship of each and every fly rod.
This pride shows through in the high level of customer care and service
they provide. From publishing contact info to providing individual
factory tours, Winston lays it all on the table for everyone to see.
They stand firmly behind each rod and will fix or replace any
manufacturing defects. If that isn’t enough, Winston provides an
original limited lifetime warranty. No matter how it breaks or dings,
Winston will replace or repair you fly rod for shipping and handling
costs. Because of the level of hand craftsmanship, Winston cannot
guarantee a turnaround time, but they make every effort to get it done
as quickly as possible.

Overall Rating…


As I previously stated, I am a fan of fast action fly rods and
the 1090-4 Winston II-MX is one fine fast action rod! Winston entered
the era with Boron II and the Boron II-MX takes them to next level in
big game/saltwater fly rods. The newest member in the modern era of fast
action, but responsive fly rods, the Boron II-MX provides all the
strength and power needed for big flies, long or short casts and
fighting large fish while giving you consistent feed back. Winston did
not just come up with the initial design for responsiveness; they have
put their touch, their Winston feel, to it!

The 1090-4 Boron II-MX fly rod easily handled everything the Florida
Keys and its migrating tarpon could throw at it. From winds in the 15
knot range to cloud cover requiring short dinky casts to big (in my
opinion) fish. It requires little energy to get the fly moving, the
extra power is there for extra long casts and strength to quickly end
the fight. Now, I’m not long distance casting champion or famous tarpon
angler, but I have spent a lot of time in the saltwater arena and I know
what works for me; the Winston Boron II-MX fly rod. I was so impressed
with the 1090-4, I’ve ordered the 8-weight and 12-weight.


I have been fly fishing the saltwater environs now for more than
15years and grew up with a fishing rod of one type or another in my
hands. I have been in the fly fishing industry for more than 10 years
and have been lucky enough to be exposed to most of the major
manufacturers of fly rods, reels, waders, clothing…I hope this review
helps you decide on which products to purchase. -Burke White

PROS – A true saltwater/big game fly rod by R.L. Winston. Easy to
cast, powerful and good-looking! Boron II has given the MX power to
battle wind and big fish. Original owner lifetime warranty.

CONS – The smaller than average grip may not suit everyone. But
it’s the Winston standard grip and it fits my hand well. At $675, this
rod is a little pricy, but right in line with other top manufacturers.

BOTTOM LINE – The Boron II-MX 1090-4 is a wonderfully casting,
powerful fly rod that stands up to the rigors of saltwater fly fishing
and big fish.

Want the ultimate 10 weight fly rod? Check out the Loop Cross S1 1090-4 Fly Rod.

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