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Abel Super Series 3-12 Fly Reels
Upgrade a few of your Supers for a new custom Abel
desc::Upgrade a few of your Supers for a new custom Abel
itemprice::$1.00 – $296.00
Name::Abel Super Series 3-12 Fly Reels
Rod Weight::
Rod Length::
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::
Rod Type::
Primary Color::
Line Weight::
detdesc::Leland on Abel Super Series Reels

Abel didnt invent the large arbor fly reel, but their Super Series certainly has achieved the embodiment of that concept; a perfect balance between hub diameter and spool capacity. No wonder these reels have taken the fly fishing world by storm! Why large arbor? Faster line pick up, less line coil, and better drag continuity than standard arbor reels. The Abel Super Series fly fishing reels feature a super sized cork drag disk that insures incredible smoothness with ultra low start up inertia and the stopping power to beat fish quickly. Both frame and spool are incredibly strong and rigid, yet lightweight due to their beautifully machined oblong porting.

Abels proprietary hard anodizing finish bestows a lifetime of corrosion protection. A new outgoing clicker lets you know how fast line is coming off your spool. Three sealed waterproof stainless steel ball bearings offer near frictionless rotation. Super Series Reels size 6 and larger now come with a double pawl system for added reliability. And remember, with FlexABELity, you can use the same reel frame on several different weight fly rods. All Abel reels are convertible from right to left hand wind. Standard color is lustrous Black Coral. Limited lifetime warranty, should you ever need it, right down to the laminated, machined, and sealed wooden handle.

The Super Series has a model for every line weight from 2 to 14, from farm pond to the deep blue ocean. Find out why experts prefer the reels that set more World Records than any other for 2006; Abel, the fly reel youll hand down to your grandchildren.
Fly Category::
Fly Stage::
Fly Tying::
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Abel Super 5N Fly Reel Review
Name::Abel Super 5N Fly Reel Review
Rod Weight::
Rod Length::
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::
Rod Type::
Primary Color::
Line Weight::

• Weight: 5.7 ounces
• Spool diameter: 3.500 inches
• Spool width: .750 inches
• Capacity: Standard WF 5 line plus 125 yards of 20 lb. Dacron backing or WF 6 plus 100 yards of backing
• Material: Spool, frame and foot machined from 6061-T6 cold finished
aluminum bar stock
• Drag system: Draw bar actuated cork disk
• Finish: Corrosion-resistant anodized
• Colors: High gloss black coral or non-reflective matte black, other custom colors available at an additional charge

A little history…

So, what’s this?? A beefy, brawny saltwater tough guy posing as a trout reel? Isn’t that a bit …well, overkill?
After all, in fly fishing, unlike conventional spinning or bait casting, we don’t actually use the reel to make the cast. In the old genteel days of trout fishing, the reel simply stored line until we’re lucky enough to hook something that took out more line than we had in our hand. I grew up using a stamped, Japanese import, then a stamped Pflueger Medalist, and finally graduated to a variety of die cast Hardy reels, the gold standard of trout reels in the early 1980’s. I treasured all of them in their time. Maybe it was the insistent buzz made by the clicker as a trout peeled off line, or maybe I felt the reel was my fishing companion, sharing in each new adventure.

Fast forward to 2007. Our “genteel” art has become, on many fronts, a slugfest. No longer are we satisfied plying our trade in bucolic settings fishing for small trout. Today, many of us travel the world seeking larger trout in New Zealand, Patagonia, and Chile. We fish the salt water flats for species such as bonefish and permit that swim much faster and pull much harder than their similarly sized freshwater cousins. Consequently, we’re harder on our tackle and have come to expect greater performance from our fly reels.

You’d think it wouldn’t take rocket science to come up with a little metal wheel with a brake that was dependable. But I’ve seen just about every brand of reel fail at one time or another. Whether it’s grit or grime, extreme heat or cold, component wear, or impact from a hard fall, if there’s a weakness, we usually find out about it exactly at the wrong time.

Enter Steve Abel. Although not a rocket scientist, he is an experienced aerospace machinist, who started selling his fly fishing reels in 1987. His motto then, and the company’s motto today is “to design and build the best, most dependable gear in the world and give world class customer service.” In the ensuing twenty years, Abel Quality Products has succeeded in carving out a niche in the increasingly competitive arena of high quality fly fishing reels and built a devoted following of end users. The latest offering from Abel is the Super 5 Narrow Large Arbor, a trout sized reel that boasts a robustness usually found only in its larger, saltwater brethren.


The Abel Super 5N Fly Fishing Reel is the newest addition to the Abel Super Series, which have a large arbor design for faster line retrieve, reduced line coiling, and better drag continuity. The 5N spool, frame, and foot are cut from a solid block of 6061-T6 cold finished high molecular density aluminum. The spool and frame are aggressively ported (ventilated) to reduce weight, while maintaining great strength and rigidity. The draw bar, main shaft, pawls, and screws are machined 303 stainless steel. The drag is comprised of a large surface area, cork composite covered drag plate tightened against the inside of the aluminum spool by the draw bar. All aluminum surfaces are protected against corrosion by Abel’s proprietary hard anodizing process. The 5N is convertible to left or right hand retrieve. At 5.7 ounces, it’s relatively light considering its bombproof strength. The drag system is silky smooth, with low start up inertia, and based on a simple design that has proven itself over two decades. The spool capacity is suitable for 5 or 6 weight lines, making it ideal for large trout and small steelhead. Substituting smaller diameter gel spun backing in place of Dacron, one could pump up the backing capacity to over 150 yards for medium steelies, smaller bonefish, specks and reds. Overall, a nearly flawless, extremely rugged and reliable fly fishing reel for taking fresh and smaller saltwater species on light tackle.

• Large arbor, narrow spool design for quick line pick up

• Machined from 6061-T6 cold finished aluminum bar stock

• Impact resistant spool rim and frame

• Smooth, reliable cork-draw bar drag system

• Durable, hard anodized finish

• Custom colors, handles, and engraving available at additional charge

Materials, Fit, and Finish

Fly fishing reels machined from a solid bar of metal have the greatest rigidity and strength per weight, but in the long run, are more costly to produce than stamped, or die cast reels. Over thirty years ago, American companies such as Seamaster and Fin Nor pioneered the construction of machined fly reels, primarily for a small following of hard core salmon and saltwater fly enthusiasts. The increased popularity of fly fishing, coupled with political and economic expansion of the Far East in recent years, has led to an influx of many reasonable quality, less expensive machined imports primarily targeting entry and mid level customers. Many U.S. makers of good reels have folded under this pressure, and the majority that have remained, like Abel and Tibor, have done so by directing there efforts at top of the line products.

Although you may find some custom $2000-$10,000 titanium reel models on the Internet, aluminum is the choice for mere mortals. Abel uses 6061-T6 cold finished bar stock in all of their reels, which is the strongest, densest, most corrosion resistant aluminum for this purpose. The spool, frame and foot of the 5N Super are cut from this, and the mainshaft and drawbar from 303 stainless steel, on Computer Numerical Control lathes and mills. In fact, every machinable part in the reel is made in the Abel factory to insure utmost quality control, right down to the stainless steel screws. The only non-metal parts are the cork drag washer, a neoprene o-ring, and the laminated, sealed wood handle.

The overall weight of the reel is significantly reduced, while retaining structural integrity, by precise, aggressive porting throughout the spool and frame. All parts are hand de-burred, hand polished, cleaned and inspected and aluminum parts are protected from wear and corrosion (and colored) by Abel’s unique hard anodizing process, which penetrates and bonds to the metal. Two sealed waterproof ball bearings on the spool and one on the drag plate provide near frictionless rotation.

Abel currently employs 28 production workers and 7 support staff in their Camarillo, California facility. They offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects for all their reels. Although you’re not likely to need that warranty, it’s nice to know that Abel, due to their success, will probably be around to back it up if you do.

What a drag

In a nutshell, there are two basic types of fly reel drags; the classic spring and pawl, popularized by Hardy Brothers of England well over a century ago, or one of many variations of the more modern disk drag. Most anglers, and manufacturers today overlook the click pawl, unfairly in my opinion, in favor of disks for all fly fishing. Actually, the click pawl, if well constructed, is very reliable for smaller trout and is the lightest, simplest, and least expensive to build. And as it works, it creates that sweet sound that many of us find synonymous with fly fishing.

As we seek fish that pull harder and faster and fight longer, our fly reels are progressively subjected to greater amounts of what most often kills them; heat. A disc drag slows the spool by friction, applying pressure between two or more discs, usually one on the spool and one on the frame, or within a hub mounted on the frame. A great number of variations of this seemingly simple concept are available today, each one claiming superior performance.

However, the big game fly reels that have been the most successful in landing fish over 100 pounds, and, therefore, operate smoothly and survive the greatest amounts of stress, have draw bar drags. This simple system has two center mounted disk shaped brake surfaces that meet when the spool is attached, and drag is increased as the draw bar tightens the frame against the spool through the central shaft.

Although most newer disk drag systems use synthetics such as Rulon, Delrin or carbon fiber, as the brake material, natural cork (ground and mixed with a polymer), is still considered by many to offer the best balance of durability, low start up inertia, stopping power, and adjustability. This cork composite, unlike the synthetics, is compressible, providing for its smoothness. The Abel 5N Super has the largest drag of this type of any 5 or 6 weight reel I’ve seen, and the “open” design dissipates heat rapidly into the rear of the spool and throughout the reel frame. “Closed” or completely sealed drag systems offer the advantage of low maintenance, but generally can not cool as effectively.

Cork must be lubricated occasionally to replenish its natural moisture, usually with pure neatsfoot oil. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions, as petroleum products or solvents may harm the cork, and back off the drag tension when not in use. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of the draw bar drag is that it does not allow for quick change spools, as some disassembly is required. Choose another design if this is a priority for you.

According to the International Game Fish Association, Abel reels where used in setting the greatest number of new world records for 2006. Though you may not land a world record, you will at some point encounter that fish of a lifetime. The Abel 5N Super Large Arbor Fly Fishing Reel, with its impeccably machined strength and superb drag, is as likely as any to get the job done. 


Rugged, beautifully machined and finished trout-size reel with a very smooth and reliable drag system usually found only in larger, saltwater fly reels.


At $550, the Abel 5N Super is much more expensive than some other very serviceable trout reels and is an ounce or more heavier than others with lighter drag designs and frames. The draw bar does not allow for the convenience of quick-change spools. Open design requires occasional cleaning and lubrication.

Bottom Line

The Abel 5N Super, compared to other reels of its size, is most likely to withstand extreme conditions, and the one you’ll probably hand down to your grandchildren.

Reviewer. . .

Having been in the fly fishing industry for over 25 years as a professional guide, fly fishing school director, writer, and manufacturers sales representative, I’ve been fortunate to fish with a wide array of equipment from almost all of the top makers.

Check out the Abel Super 5N Fly Reel

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sku::Abel Super 5N Fly Reel Review
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Abel Anti Reverse Fly Fishing Reel Reveiw
Name::Abel Anti Reverse Fly Fishing Reel Reveiw
Rod Weight::
Rod Length::
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::
Rod Type::
Primary Color::
Line Weight::

Although anti-reverse reels are usually heavier than their direct drive counterparts, the magnificent Abel Anti-Reverse Fly Fishing Reel Series, with computer controlled oblong porting throughout, makes that just an afterthought; these are the lightest and most reliable anti-reverse fly fishing reels on the market, with the fewest moving parts.

When it’s down to fighting powerful fish,
particularly big saltwater gamefish, there are two distinct camps when it comes to choosing fly reels. Direct drive reels are the most common choice for anglers, but in the midst of the battle, a rapidly rotating reel handle during a scorching run can do some serious damage to hands, fingers, or knuckles (or catch on loose clothing) if you’re not careful. For this reason, some folks prefer the safety of an anti-reverse design for their big game fly reels, whereas the handle remains stationary while the fish is taking out line. Surgeons, artists, musicians and others that depend on their hands to make their living often opt for anti-reverse security, as well as fishermen who are less familiar with just how much pressure one can put on a big saltwater fish. 

The Abel Anti-Reverse Series has 3 model sizes; the Super 8, Super 10, and Super 12. These reels come with a Large Arbor Spool and you can order an optional, larger capacity Standard Arbor Spool. Abel FlexAbility allows you to easily interchange these spools on the same frame with a spool wrench that’s included with every reel. For example, the Super 10 A/R with the Large Arbor Spool will hold a 10 weight fly line with 220 yards of 30 pound Dacron backing, while the Standard Arbor Spool on the same reel will sport a 12 weight line with 330 yards of 30 pound backing! So, with the Super 10 A/R and one optional spool system, you could conceivably fish an array of salt water lines from 9 to 13 weights. Now we’re talking versatility; bonefish, permit, or big tarpon, all on the same reel! Add to that the famous stop-a-truck Abel drag system with a huge cork drag disk, unique sealed ball bearings, and reliable double pawl construction, and you've got the toughest anti-reverse fly reel going.

Abel no longer offers their anti-reverse fly fishing reels, but you can check out their latest work here. Abel Super Series Fly Reels.

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sku::Abel Anti Reverse Fly Fishing Reel Reveiw
Fly Category::
Fly Stage::
Fly Tying::
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Tibor Quick Change Fly Reel Review
Name::Tibor Quick Change Fly Reel Review
Rod Weight::
Rod Length::
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::
Rod Type::
Primary Color::
Line Weight::

Tibor QuickChange Fly Fishing Reels


  • All internal parts sealed from outside elements.
  • Quick retrieve, large outer and hub spool diameters
  • Hard coated aluminum main gear
  • Main gear and spool rotate on three sealed precision, stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Impregnated cork drag disc
  • Open hubbed, perforated spool and drum
  • Detented drag adjustment
  • Triple outgoing line signals, easily removable for silent operation.
  • Each reel serialized for identification and protection.
  • Personalized name plate with free engraving
  • Reel foot incorporates hook keeper and spare clutch dog springs.
  • Thick neoprene case for storage and transportation included.
  • Made and assembled in the U.S.A
  • Standard colors: Jet Black or Satin Gold


What’s the word....?

Based on the numbers, you wouldn’t get much
argument that fully machined, drawbar drag, cork disk drag fly fishing
reels top the charts for rugged functionality and reliability amongst
salt water fishermen. And when it comes down to the two acknowledged
best reels in this department, you’re looking at either an Abel or a Tibor (pronounced TEE-bor) Fly Reel. Between them, they account for more saltwater fly caught world record fish than just about all the others combined.

Now, Abel and Tibor
are both outstanding reels, with similar design features, yet
proponents of each will argue the merits of their favorite until they’re
blue in the face. However, that argument aside, the one area where
drawbar drag reels typically
fall short is when it comes time to changing spools to quickly use
different fly lines. Because of their elegantly simple overall
construction, draw bar reels usually require an inconvenient disassembly
of several loose parts to remove and replace the spool. This doesn’t
pose much of a problem sitting at home at your work bench, but
attempting this task in a rocking boat or on a coral reef flat can be an
invitation to disaster, with potential lost or misaligned parts
occurring during your trip of a lifetime.

Many anglers, who use different setups during
the course of a fishing day, address this problem by purchasing a
separate drawbar fly reel for each type of line they need, never having
to change spools. This can get a little expensive for some of us, as
spool prices are typically less than half the cost of the complete reel,
the larger sizes of which can venture above the $900 mark. Plus, you
have to lug the weight and bulk of all the extra reel frames to wherever
you’re fishing. This can be somewhat easier on a boat, but not as
practical when walking the shore or wading the flats.

The Tibor QuickChange Fly Fishing Reels expand
your options in quality, cork, drawbar drag fly reels. Available in
four sizes, to fit a range of line weights and fly rods from 7 to 15,
these ‘QC’ Tibor Reels offer, essentially, the same quality and
features as the exquisite standard Tibor Fly Reels, yet easily change
spools in seconds with only a single moving part, the stainless steel
end cap; nothing to remove, no loose parts, and no tricky threading

A Little History...

Tibor ‘Ted’ Juracsik, founder and owner of Tibor
Reel Corporation, has been making rugged, high quality fly fishing reels
in the United States for over 30 years. Born in Budapest, Hungary,
where much of his youth was spent fishing on the Danube River, Ted, at
17 years of age, became the youngest Hungarian ever to earn his Master
papers in the tool and die trade. His bio tells a compelling story;

joined the Hungarian Freedom Fighters in their unsuccessful revolt
against Soviet rule in the 50’s, and was forced to flee his native land.
Eventually, he immigrated to the United States and established his own
tool and die business in New York State in 1959, where in the waters off
Long Island, he also resumed his interest
in fishing. In 1970, Ted met Billy Pate on a trip to the Florida Keys.
The two became fishing buddies and Pate shared with Ted the problems
inherent in the saltwater reels of the time — corrosion, the uneven
action of early drag systems, and simply being overmatched by the power
and "reel smoking" runs of larger saltwater prey. Back at his shop,
Juracsik applied his tool and die making skills to these challenges.
After testing several prototypes, the Billy Pate Fly Reel was introduced
and instantly established new standards of quality, design, and
durability for saltwater fly reels. The design has proven so sound, that
nothing has changed since its inception. Billy Pate Reels are
manufactured by the Tibor Reel Corporation to this day. In 1979,
Juracsik moved his manufacturing operations to South Florida, where he
also maintains a smaller machine shop devoted to research and

In 1995, Ted introduced his Tibor Series of big game fly reels, which became an instant success, and, again, in 2004, the new QC Tibor Reel Series set a new standard for convenient spool changes with a rugged, drawbar drag reel.

Fit and Finish...

Tibor says that their reels are made "by
fishermen for fishermen" and if you’ve spent any time fly fishing in
Florida, you’ve probably seen Tibor Fly Reels in just about every
professional guide’s boat. That simply says a lot about Tibor
reliability; even though avid saltwater fisherman travel the world,
Florida is still the Mecca for some of the largest tarpon, bonefish, and
other salt species on the planet, and when it comes to tackle, you’ll
also find the pickiest guides and clients. I’ve heard that Andy Mill,
former U.S ski racer and Olympian, now uses a Pacific QuickChange Fly
Reel to battle giant tarpon, and he’s won the most prestigious tarpon
tournament in the world, the Gold Cup, five times. In 2007, at the
International Game Fish Association (IGFA) World Record Achievement
Awards, Tibor Reel Corporation received First Place honors for the most
world records set on their fly reels.

Every part (except
the ball bearings sets) of the Tibor QuickChange Fly Reel is machined
and hand assembled in Tibor’s Delray Beach facility. Ted believes in
design simplicity and he says "The old masters always told me the most beautiful
machines have the least moving parts." This holds true for the Tibor
QC, where aerospace aluminum with a rock hard anodized finish, comprises
the main parts; frame, spool, and hub. The hub is of special interest,
as this extra part is what allows spools to interchange easily on the QC
reels. In this design, the hub replaces the spool as the drag surface
that contacts the cork covered drag disk, providing friction, and
dissipating heat when a big fish takes off. The QC spool simply drops
over the top of the hub with a close tolerance fit and secures firmly
with its threaded stainless end cap. Since the hub on a QC provides near
identical drag properties against the cork as the spool back on a
Standard Tibor, the result is the same silky-smooth drag of a Tibor. The
only downside is about an extra ounce of overall weight, and an
additional $100 above that of a Standard Tibor Reel.

Tibor QC Models

Everglades QC Fly Reel
Weight: 9.5 oz.
Frame size: 3 ¾” x 1 3/8”
For line sizes: 7, 8, 9
Backing capacity; 200 yds 20lb Dacron + WF8F

Riptide QC Fly Reel
Weight: 10.5 oz.
Frame size: 4” x 1 1/2”
For line sizes: 9, 10, 11
Backing capacity; 200 yds 30lb Dacron + WF10F

Gulfstream QC Fly Reel
Weight: 12.5 oz.
Frame size: 4 3/8” x 1 3/4”
For line sizes: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Backing capacity; 300 yds 30lb Dacron + WF12F

Pacific QC Fly Reel
Weight: 14.5 oz.
Frame size: 5 1/16” x 1 7/8”
For line sizes: 13, 14, 15
Backing capacity; 600 yds 30lb Dacron + WF14S

Also available with extra large arbor Spool2 for faster line retrieval.
(For Riptide, Gulfstream, and Pacific models only.)


The Tibor QCs have been around the block long
enough to have proven themselves, just like all the other Tibor Reel
Series. It’s very rare to have a Tibor Reel fail, and with minimal care,
it should last a lifetime of tough fly fishing. But since the Sea is a
harsh mistress, I never can say never, so here’s what Tibor says about
the warranty on their QC Fly Reels;

“All Tibor Reel products
carry a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the repair or
replacement of any part due to defect in material or workmanship. Colors
may vary between original and replacement parts. Parts for discontinued
models may be replaced with parts for current models. Warranty is valid
for original owner only and is not transferable. Warranty is effective
only for reels purchased through an Authorized Tibor Dealer. Tibor Reel
Corporation, at its sole discretion, will determine if the product is
covered under this warranty due to faulty workmanship. This warranty
does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, improper
maintenance or normal wear and tear caused by use of the reel over time.
For repairs not covered by the warranty, a quotation will be forwarded
for approval before repairs proceed. All reels sent in for service
should include $25 for return shipping and handling. Please remove all
line and backing before returning your reel for service or repair. Tibor
Reel Corporation cannot be responsible for lost or damaged line and

Overall Rating -- 4 ½ out of 5 Stars

Those that travel to salt water destinations usually
spend quite a bit of money on airfare, lodging, and guides. With that
in mind, it’s a bad idea scrimping on fly reels, or other tackle, for
that matter, that have to withstand the abuse of your trip, and,
hopefully, many trips to come. Expect to spend, at minimum, $400, for a
serviceable intermediate quality # 10 weight reel. A similar size, high
quality big game drawbar drag reel like the Tibor QC Riptide is
almost double that, at $757. Worth it? Well, assuming you’re going
primarily for the fly fishing, my vote would be an emphatic “yes”! If
you want cork disk drag, drawbar performance with quick change spool
capabilities, the Tibor QC is the only game in town.


The best of both worlds; legendary Tibor world
record big game performance with a large surface area cork disc/draw bar
drag, and a unique QuickChange design that allows rapid spool changes
at sea with a single moving/ attached part. Reel disassembles for
cleaning with only a penny. Available in 4 sizes.


The QuickChange feature adds about an ounce in weight, and about an extra $100, over the respective models of Standard Tibor Reels.

Bottom Line

Since just about every guide in Florida has them
in their boats, you simply can’t go wrong with a Tibor Fly Reel for
rugged dependability when it counts. The Tibor QuickChanges are the only
drawbar drag reels, to my knowledge, that let you confidently change
spools during the action without fear of dropped or lost parts.
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sku::Tibor Quick Change Fly Reel Review
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Fly Tying::
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What our upgrader's have to say
When a customer trusts us to get the best prices for their unwanted gear, it’s our duty to provide the best service possible.
desc::When a customer trusts us to get the best prices for their unwanted gear, it’s our duty to provide the best service possible.
Name::What our upgrader's have to say
Rod Weight::
Rod Length::
Reel Line Weight::
Rod Action::
Rod Type::
Primary Color::
Line Weight::

Jim of Naples, FL

Dear Leland Upgrade Team
Last year I happened to tell one of my fishing buddies, that I wanted to sell some of my old fly fishing stuff on ebay.  My friend told me about Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters and the Leland Upgrade program.
After reading about the Leland Upgrade on your website, and a quick phone call for some minor questions, I sent you my fly fishing rods & equipment that I wasn't using anymore.  I can't tell you how surprised I was at how quickly you got this equipment on ebay and sold.  I was also very pleased by the prices that you were able to get for me.
Thank you again for making this an easy process, and making my experience with Leland a great one!  I will tell everyone about the Leland Upgrade team and how you enabled me to upgrade my fly fishing equipment painlessly and without spending a lot of money!
Thank you again.

Tom of
Danbury, CT

Attached please find a photo of me with a beautiful brown trout caught using my new Abel reel purchased from Leland. You guys are the best in offering advise and your upgrade program is Great !!!!


Jack of
Oklahoma City, OK

Having fly fished for over 40 years, I have accumulated a lot of equipment that I don't use anymore…that is until I found your upgrade program.  Now I am able to have the Loop Cross S1, what I consider the best fly rod made. I can't thank you enough for providing this service.  Leland has a customer for life now.


Duncan of Orange Beach, AL

I wanted to post about a great experience I had with Leland Outfitters and their exchange program. I shipped them a bunch of old flyfishing equipment I no longer used, they cleaned it up and sold it on ebay for me, and I was able to buy new equipment. It all worked just as it was supposed to, and that doesn't happen very often these days. I can highly recommend you do business with this shop.

Joel of Dutch Flat, CA

Job well done.  This really is a no-hassle way to clean out the closet of gear I wasn’t using and get some items that I do need for Christmas Island.    
I’ve not listed anything on ebay before, but watching the process was like fishing itself, toss the offering out there and see what happens.

And now for the fun part!


Cary of Arlington, VA

I promised myself no new fly rods until I got rid of some that I no longer use so naturally Leland Upgrade came to mind. I now have sold seven rods through Leland and I am confident that I got a good price for every single one (and I saved myself a lot of hassle) because Leland was the interface with the buyer. They kept me well informed and was a pleasure to work with.  And I cannot wait to go fishing with my new gear.

Michael of Branford, CT

Big thanks to Casey and the guys at Leland outfitters for rigging my tibor reels,, they are amazing reels.. the backing and the bimini loop got plenty of work this week,, it helped land this 41"-35lb bass
the upgrade program is the best!!!!

John C. of Illinois

Just a short note to express my complete satisfaction with
your program. You were most helpful before I sent my rod to you--and after the rod sold as well. Your pictures and comments were the reason the rod did as well as it did. I would not hesitate to make your talent, as well as your program, public. What an asset
for a fly shop to have.

Mark of Southern California

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Leland Upgrade Program.  The process was completely painless and the descriptions of the my gear were well written and accurate.  The best part was the results, so much better than I expected!  I will definitely do this again in fact I’m cleaning out my garage now.

Alain of Branford, CT

I am really pleased with the Leland Upgrade Program.  The no-nonsense
commission is perfect, as the people who send you product can
easily track their auctions and know immediately what they are owed in
store credit.  Casey did a great job answering my questions and
updating the auction's progress and payment.  You did everything
perfectly and the listing was the most professional I have seen.  Your
photography and listing was top-notch.  I have already recommended
your service to numerous people in the Northeast (I am part of the
competitive fly-fishing community and a huge proponent of European
nymphing styles).  There are other eBay services, but none as
professional as yours.

Derry of Ireland

In relation to feedback on the Leland Upgrade experience, I am very satisfied especially with the ability to follow the auction on ebay. This was my first time to use this facility and will certainly use it again very soon in the future. It’s amazing to discover how many rods / reels one has that are seldom used!! Great idea and works well for all.

Scott of Horseshoe Bay, TX

I can't thank you enough for your encouragement to gather up some of my seldom used fly fishing gear and give you a chance to find it a new home. Your program is marvelous and you really do absolutely everything involved in the auction sale process. Every item I sent you was very professionally marketed and each one brought far more value that I expected. It certainly will not be a problem to spend up my

Greg of Fair Oaks, CA

"A Fly Fishing Fairytale" Once upon a recent time there was a tall fly fisherman who during the course of a passionate fly fishing life accumulated many rods,reels and spools that he no longer used. The formerly utilized fly gear languished in a desk,closet and his garage. The equipment was much too fine to not be used and their disuse caused the fly fisherman minor ennui and consternation.  The accumulated unused gear also inhibited the fly angler from buying new and finer gear. As great luck would have it the fly Angler learned of a magician's guild known as Leland Fly Fishing's Upgrade Program where sorcerers could invoke spells that allowed used fly fishing gear to regain some of the luster of it's youth.  the gear was then sold for astonishing prices throughout the known world.  Casey and Jon were the names of 2 of the affable, engaging and expert sorcerers. In short order the tall fly fisherman sent more than 20 spools,reels and rods to the LFF UP and they sold the gear to fly fisherman across the globe.  The story continues and the tall fly angler has new and advanced gear with poetic names like VXP, spey, Galvan and Rio which have graced waters in British Columbia, Mexico, Montana, the California Delta, Northern and Central California with the Amazon on the horizon...........

Steve of South Korea

I have just shipped my third (and probably not final!) batch of gear to the Leland Upgrade Program - what can I say, I wouldn't keep using it if it didn't work so well! Even though I live in Asia, it is still worthwhile for me to use the program - for starters, Leland make it so easy, I get exactly the same outcome as if I did it myself, but they do all the work, plus their status on eBay adds value to my goods when they sell. I have sold several rods, reels and spools and all have sold equally well, in some cases for more than I bought them for!

It's a great service, and it has allowed me to upgrade a rod and some reels to current models. Which fly fisherman doesn't like new gear??!!

Also the team at Leland is very efficient, provide great customer service and communicate well.

Mark of Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

I wanted to write and let you know that I have now sent you ALL of my older rods to be sold through Leland Upgrade. I am truly amazed at how well the upgrade program has worked for me. I have never heard of a better program for selling off older gear. I applaud your level of professionalism and knowledge regarding the upgrade program and it is certainly a pleasure to call you and discuss different ideas regarding fly gear. Additionally, I want to thank you for introducing me to the Red Truck Series fly rods. As you know, I was a bit skeptical of them in the beginning. As it stands today, I know of no better rod regardless of the price. Certainly the Red Truck rods are a great value but the "fishability" of these rods is second to none, regardless of the price. In short, I am absolutely thrilled with Red Truck rods. Also, I appreciate you sending the Red Truck Premium 5wt to my friend in such a timely manner. Keep up the great work. You guys have an amazing shop and an even better customer service package. I look forward to working with you in the future

Juan of Clayton, CA

The Leland Upgrade program: easy as heck, reliable, and a great excuse to visit the shop! I have used it on a number of occasions and have really
enjoyed it.  The guys are super professional, prompt, and very

Jerry of Edmond, OK

If you are an angler who wants to sell good stuff in order to get even better stuff, then Leland Upgrade is the only way to go.  Jon and the guys will prep your gear, take professional grade photos and list it in a manner that will guarantee top dollar.  Get serious, who has the time to sell gear?
Leave it to the professionals. You should be out on the water.  Thanks again to Jon and Casey.

Al of Excelsior, MN

Leland’s Upgrade Program is one of the finest services in fly fishing.  Take that reel you never use or the rod you want to upgrade and send it to Leland.  Their photographers and copywriters will present it on ebay, honestly describing it but putting it in the best possible light.  Sincerely, unless you’re a professional you can’t matching Leland’s presentation or the financial results.  The profit on the sale becomes a store credit, and you’re ready to go shopping. 

Gregg of Longmont, CO

This will be my third and fourth rods to sell through the Upgrade Program. The first sales went so well. I was impressed at the professional way everything was handled from the start to buying my new Scott T2H switch rod. I am convinced that you net me more cash because of the great presentation and the Leland name.

Thanks, Gregg

Mark of Great Falls, MT

I recently went on my first Salt Water trip and after doing some research I decided to go with the Hatch reels for the trip. I was not disappointed by their performance. When I returned to the States, I decided to make the full conversion to Hatch reels for all my fly fishing and the Leland Upgrade Program was perfect for this goal. I sold all of my non Hatch reels and used all the profits to replace my old fresh water reels.  I got top dollar for my old gear  and I had no hassles selling it. Leland took care of it all.

My only problem is now I also started buying from the Leland Upgrade
listings.  I found some great values and hard to find merchandise.  I check the listings very few days looking for that new used gear item I can't live without.

The program is very well run and organized. The staff have been excellent in customer service. I would highly recommend this program.

Reverend Joel of Bradenton. FL

I want to thank the Leland Upgrade Program for this incredible program! You guys made it possible for me to sell my used gear, some of it decades old, and get equipment I’d been dreaming about. When I sent my gear to you I had hoped to sell enough stuff to partially finance one particular Winston bamboo fly rod. Not only did I get the Winston bamboo but amazingly I was able to pick-up two Winston IIIx rods and a tackle pack for my spring bonefishing trip to the Bahamas.

This program is great! Selling my used equipment was easy, stress-free and may have contributed to the improvement of my marriage!

of Simsbury, CT

"About my experience with Leland Upgrade I can address to everyone that no matter if you are selling or you are buying from Leland Upgrade like I did few times during last three years, you can be absolutely sure that your product will get best professional evaluation and presentation allowing other people to buy it with confidence and trust. In my opinion this is the key of any Upgrade program and Leland has developed it extremely well."

of El Dorado Hills, CA

"I am heading to Belize for some saltwater fishing in June, 2011. Needed to standardize my reels. Had an Abel Super 8 and Sage 3400D with spools for my 10wts. Decided to purchase two Tibor Riptide reels but how do I sell my Abel and Sage? Bingo, the Leland Upgrade Program. Jon & Casey handled the selling of the reels on eBay from start to finish. I received a good enough price that I was able to purchase one of the Riptides and some accessories. If this program was not available I would probably still have the two reels and spools. Jon and I are also working on some additional equipment that I need. To Jon and the Upgrade Program, "Job Well Done"

of Pingree, ID

"Leland does an amazing job of taking  the hassle out of selling your gear.  I was impressed by the prices they got for my gear and the quality of service they offered.  They truly know what they're doing and don't charge any dumb fees or commission. They did a great job selling my old gear.  The other thing great about this program is that your store credit can literally get you any of the top gear in the fly fishing industry.  The bonus with this program is that Leland has some of the best customer service around.  Talking to them on the phone is just like walking into your local fly shop.  They are knowledgeable and caring and really want to make you happy with your purchase."

of San Rafael, CA

"I had heard good things about the Leland Upgrade Program (LUP) from my brother, who had taken advantage of the program several years ago. I had a closet full of 2-piece rods that were not likely to see the light of day again, so I decided to see if I could recycle them through the LUP. After receiving about 3 times the amount I had anticipated, I went back to the closet and pulled out bags of old reels from different phases of my fishing career, spanning the last 15 to 20 years. All of the items auctioned on eBay were professionally described and accurately rated for condition. Duplicate reels and spools were staggered to get maximum return. When it was all said and done, I netted about $5,000 from gear that was previously destined for the dust bin. The staff is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. I highly recommend the LUP to everyone with unwanted or out of date gear - everybody wins."

of Canby, OR

"I could not be happier with the Leland Upgrade Program! Finally, a
guilt-free way to fish with the newest and latest gear. The guilt of leaving
perfectly usable gear in the closet just to fish with the latest gear kept
me from buying what I really wanted. Thanks to the Upgrade Program, no more gear guilt.

The help from the Leland staff has been nothing short of impressive. In
those rare instances that one of their staff doesn't know the answer, they
get me to a person who has the answer."


of Feasterville, PA

"I was a little hesitant about sending my gear across the country to be sold on ebay. However after dealing with the Leland staff on previous occasions I knew it was in good hands. The quality of their descriptions and photographs was great, and they even took the extra time to clean all my gear so it would turn top dollar. I ended up with more credit than I thought my old gear would receive. Constant email updates and contact through phone calls let me know I was in good hands and Leland's costumer service is second to none. I will not be hesitant in the future to go to Leland for any of my fly-fishing needs!"


of Shreveport, LA

"Like most fly fisherman, I have accumulated a lot of gear over the years
that - while fine when I bought it - has spent more time in the fishing
closet lately than on the water... Happily, I have recently discovered the
Leland Upgrade Program as a way to turn that lonely gear into money.
The program is simple - send your gear to Leland and they'll clean it up for you, sell it on Ebay and won't charge you a dime more than Ebay would charge you for selling it yourself - leaving you with top value for your gear in store credit at one of the top fly shops in the country.  Ariel and the entire Upgrade Team are pros whose specialty seems to be putting dollars in your pocket.
Once your gear is sold and you have your credit, you'll find the Leland staff is an invaluable resource for information on the replacement gear you need no matter where or how you fish. From the newest cutting edge technology to time-tested gear that evokes the rich tradition of our sport, the Leland staff can help you find exactly what you want and need."

Kent of Bedford, NH

So here I am in Bedford, New Hampshire wondering what to do with some quality fly-fishing gear that hasn't seen the water in just about two years. According to Mapquest my home is 3,128 miles away from your flagship store in San Francisco. That said having done business with you in the past via eBay I decided to take advantage of your upgrade program and let's just say I am so glad I did. From the very beginning Ariel Molina was tremendously helpful guiding me through the description and shipment process. As promised the shipping labels arrived via email, I shipped them from the local UPS Store and I was told my gear arrived safely. A few days later I checked out my gear on eBay under the Leland banner and I was stunned at the quality, professionalism and presentation of my gear on eBay and not only that one week later I was very very pleased with the result.

For anyone reading this email I have a little bit of advice for you, buy the best gear you can afford, take good care of your gear and if you ever want to upgrade or sell your gear use the Leland Upgrade Program!

arry of Grand Rapids, MI

Larry was most impressed with the communication from the Upgrade Team during the sale of his gear.

Best of all, he got a little more credit out of the experience than he expected. Here's how Larry's expectations were exceeded:


“When I first came upon it online, I thought it would be a good way to sell some old fly fishing equipment, and I didn't have any idea as to current value, collectiblity or demand,” Larry said. “I had a number in mind as to what would be a fair price for my gear and was pleased and surprised to have gotten twice what I expected.”


Phil of San Diego, CA

Phil upgraded a handful of his collection of older model rods and reels.
After the sales were finished, he was impressed with the quality and professionalism of the service:
“I think your text and quality photos add more appeal to the eBay auction process than I could do on my own; plus, I think buyers feel more comfortable with a retailer than an individual,” Phil said. “As long as I keep fly fishing, I figure I could always use the credit at Leland. When I'm in SF, I always stop by to see what's new.”
After the credit was tallied, he picked up a new Scott S4 4-weight rod and a Simms Windstopper DL Jacket for the small streams and chilly weather in the High Sierra.



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