Bill Lowe

How you got started fly fishing? What were/are your strongest fly fishing Influences? What was your most memorable or first fly fishing experience?

My first fly-fishing experience was with my father, at Cal Berkeley's Lair Of The Bear, and it was with a spinning rod, a clear casting bubble, and the all-mighty just took one surface grab and I knew it was a game that I had to play! As a young kid, and one of five that my folks tried to heard, fly-fishing wasn't going to be their highest priority. It wasn't until my Chico State days, and weekend trips with Bill John and Tom Melton, that I really got clued-in to the magic of the sport. They get the Dual-Assist Award for pointing me towards 800-minutes, and eventually a life-time, of drag-free drift!

What do you like to fish now? Explain How?

I love almost any fish that will take a swung fly...steelhead and trout are highest on the list. A very close second is catching any fish on a dry fly.

What is your fantasy trip? What do you see in the future?

My current fantasy trip, which seems to change with the season, is a week on the Dean River. Swinging flies through water that no one has stepped in, that day, is priceless!!

Gear. What is your next purchase and why?

My next piece of equipment will either be a sharp pair of nippers or an 18-foot Roughneck...the lower back really wants the Roughneck!

What’s your favorite San Francisco spot?

J.R. and Jackie Hubbard's house, near Noe Valley. I'm not a city-person, and would rather work on a cluster-&*@! knot tied with 6x, than negotiate the street-traffic and parking situations of the city.

What music do you listen to when you hop in the truck and go fly fishing?

I love all kinds of music, as long as guitar is the prevelant instrument, is electric, is louder than the other instruments, and is blues, rock, good jazz, or Bakersfield style country. Is that narrow-minded enough?

What’s your ultimate fly fishing travel rig? A lifted van? A Range Rover? An F-350? Why?

My wife found our ultimate fly fishing travel rig about 376,000 miles ago...a 1990 Toyota Landcruiser with 74,000 original miles. She has never let us down, has gotten us into lots of places and has pulled lots of folks out of places. She turned 400,000 miles, while heading up to Kirkwood Meadows, and has never had any engine work done. She has outlived my RPL's, RPL+'s, XP's, and now carts around my Z-Axises. Oh what a feeling!!!

Anything else we should know about you? School? Hometown? Other projects, interests, etc.?

My wife, Michelle, and our 3 cats live in Fair Oaks, California, about 1.5 miles from the American River Parkway and we fully utilize that resource for it's fishing, hiking, biking, and good ol' hanging out.